4 Perfume Tips to Make Your Scent Last Longer

One of the mildly annoying things about using perfume regularly is you notice that the scent doesn’t last as long as you’d hoped when you bought it. The question is, “How do you avoid this problem?” You don’t want to use your expensive perfume faster and have to buy another bottle sooner if this can be avoided. What is there to do?

Here are 4 perfume tips to help you make your scent last longer before needing to reapply it.

Choosing a Good Base

When you’re looking for original perfume for women, you want to consider what its base tone is first. Not every scent lasts the same amount of time. This isn’t a well-known fact; we often presume they all last the same duration, but this simply isn’t true. With light molecules, the smell dissipates faster with the scent disappearing from the skin sooner. Therefore, a fruity smell like citrus is going to last the least time.

Strong base tones, such as wood or musk are heavier and so they last longer. Once that’s present, a fragrance that adds some spice to it or a scent of flowers holds its scent for more time.

Hair to the Rescue

When choosing between your skin or your hair, the latter retains a scent for longer. While you’ll still want to apply the perfume on your skin, adding a little to the ends of the strands helps to retain more of the scent even after the dabs on either side of your neck have faded away. If you’re finding it difficult to apply the perfume, after you’ve finished brushing your hair, add some perfume to the brush and burst your hair lightly to finish your preparation.

Use Wet Skin to Your Advantage

Applying some perfume after showering is very effective. The dampness of the surface of the skin soaks in the scent more reliably than dry skin does. Getting dressed after a shower sometimes causes the perfume to be lost in the clothing, so pause for a few minutes once you’ve applied the perfume to let it dry fully before dressing again. Take care to not have the clothing rub excessively on the areas where you’ve dabbed it on so that it’ll last.

Touch Ups Aren’t Just for Makeup

When you expect that you’ll lose the fragrance during a busy day, you can carry cotton buds swabbed in the perfume to reapply it. By using the cotton bud method, you won’t have to carry a glass perfume bottle in your handbag taking up valuable space and risking it getting broken too. If you have a plastic sealable tube to place the cotton buds, that will avoid them getting dried out during the day.

Along with these four suggestions, it’s a good idea not to rub your wrists together once you’ve added some dabs of perfume to them. Doing so removes the most fragrant top layer and causes both wrists to lose their fragrant smell sooner than they would otherwise. When you manage your perfume correctly, your bottle will last longer and will need replacing less often. This makes the more expensive scents less costly due to their extra months of use.