6 Ways To Make Hair Extensions Last

Gorgeous hair can boost one’s confidence and enhance a person’s self-esteem. Many girls often think about how they can achieve this if they have thin or damaged hair.

Because of individuals’ dilemmas with their hair, wigs and hair extensions became popular. In 2020, the market value for wigs and extensions reached USD 5.77 billion, which is forecasted to reach USD 13.28 billion by 2026.

Hair extensions have become a popular choice because they add length and volume effortlessly. You may also choose the color you would love to sport if you wouldn’t like to color your natural hair. 

6 Ways To Make Hair Extensions Last
Professional hairdresser making hair extensions for blonde girl in a beauty salon

When choosing hair extensions, you have two materials of choice: synthetic or natural. 

Natural hair extensions are made from real hair; they’re typically costlier than synthetic but look more, yes, you guessed it right, natural. Meanwhile, synthetic hair extensions are made from nylon, polyester, or acrylic and are created to emulate the appearance and feel of real hair. Though synthetic hair extensions are more durable, they can get damaged more quickly, especially with exposure to heat. 

There are different types of hair extensions, but cleaning and caring for them all entails the same procedure. To make your hair extensions last, follow these tips:

  1. Always Brush With Care

Hair extensions need to be brushed often to prevent tangling and getting portions of them matted. But even with brushing, every hair extension requires the correct brush. 

For straight hair extensions, it’s best to use a paddle brush to keep the hair straight, silky, and smooth. Curly extensions can’t be brushed; instead, it needs a wide-toothed comb or a detangler brush, but only comb or brush it when it’s partially dried. When brushing your extensions, do it with the utmost care and it’s best to do it twice a day.

  1. Wash Your Extensions Correctly

Unlike the hair on your head, hair extensions don’t get natural oils, so they don’t need to be washed as often as your natural hair. The rule of thumb, according to experts, is to wash it every 30 wears, when there’s product build-up, or once a month.

Before getting them wet, make sure to brush them first and remove tangles. It’s not ideal to use ordinary shampoo on hair extensions; on the other hand, use hair oil, sulfate-free shampoo, or alcohol-free conditioner. 

The water you need to use should be lukewarm. Use just the right amount of sulfate-free shampoo and dissolve this in the sink and wash your extensions carefully, avoiding rubbing the strands together as you would your natural hair. 

Rinse hair thoroughly. After rinsing, apply alcohol-free conditioner from the middle to the ends of the hair. You may leave the conditioner for five minutes but no longer than ten minutes. Again, rinse the hair thoroughly and squeeze excess water gently.

To quickly remove excess water, best to use a microfiber towel to absorb moisture fast and efficiently. Pat dry the extensions and air dry by laying on a flat surface. If you’re in a hurry to wear your extensions, resist the urge to use a hairdryer; if you must, only use the cool setting to prevent damaging the extensions. 

6 Ways To Make Hair Extensions Last
  1.  Avoid Tangling Your Extensions While You Sleep

Sleeping causes hair to frizz and tangle. To prevent this from happening, there are many ways you can take care of your extensions as you wear them to sleep; here are a few of them:

  • Wear a silk sleeping cap;
  • Wrap your hair in a silk scarf;
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase – It reduces friction in your head as you sleep;
  • Do a loose French braid; and
  • Wear a simple ponytail.
  1. Store Your Extensions Properly

Hair extension products must be stored away from direct sunlight and preferably in a cool, dry place. You may place your extensions in an airtight container or even a shoebox. If you often wear them, you may place them on hangers inside your closet for your convenience. 

You may use a hair extension storage bag like a hanger with a zippered pouch to protect your extensions from damage and dirt. 

  1. Schedule A Weekly Treatment

To keep your extensions smooth, shiny, and gorgeous, you need to moisturize them. Using a hair mask will make your extensions moisturized and soft. Apply a generous amount of hair mask from top to the bottom of each weft. Bundle your extensions by coiling them and placing them in a shower cap to leave overnight for the best results. 

  1. Minimize Heat Damage

Frequent exposure to heat could damage your extensions, make them brittle and develop split ends. No amount of restoration can bring back the luster of your extensions when it’s damaged by heat, and more likely, you’ll have to replace them. 

To prevent this from happening, apply a heat protectant on your extensions before styling them using the warm setting of your hairdryer. Also, you may use the most minimal setting of heat when styling or even take a break from styling them and just wear them naturally


People have different motivations in using hair extensions

Hair extensions can do wonders for your style and beauty, but you have to take care of them to last. Hair extensions, especially those made with real hair can be quite expensive.  Caring for your extensions will give you an enhanced appearance at all times, and can even give you a glamorous look for a special occasion without having to visit a salon.