5 Clever Anti-aging Tips I Wish I Had Known Before I Reached 50

When you’re young, it never occurs to you that one day you might get all wrinkled up. Even when the reality of aging dawns on you, you still feel it’s eons away and have no reason to worry about it. Now that I’m older and wiser, i’m taking much more time and care to research the best ways to maintain my image and youthful looks.

Speaking of which, there are simple anti-aging tips I wish I had known as early as in my teens,  as I know now after reading revivatone neck cream reviews. Or even in my 30s. Or 40s. The good news is it’s never too late to improve on your beauty regimen. Getting NAD therapy in Connecticut can help support your cellular health and slow the signs of aging no matter how old you are. Even in your 60s or 80s, there is still much you can do to keep looking awesome.

Tip 1. Relax Your Face Muscles

I started exercising very early in life. I was always very conscious about my weight, form, and fitness, hence, my workouts could really get intense. Problem is, with such intense workouts, I would tense my jaw and throat throughout. The neck cords and crow’s feet around my eyes became even more pronounced when I got into my late 30s and 40s.

All thanks to modern non-surgical skincare technology, the cords and wrinkles are now gone. However, I could have avoided, or at least delayed by a few years, the non-surgical facelift if I had been told this one tip. Learn to relax your facial muscles even when under intense physical exertion. Having a relaxing facial regularly and maybe a massage after gym can ease the tension in your facial muscles and delay the onset of wrinkles.  

Tip 2. Watch Your Hormone Balance

It’s only when we get older and face conditions such as menopause or loss of libido that we start thinking about the effects of our hormones on our wellbeing. If I had known much earlier, I would have carefully kept track of my endocrine system and its workings from my 20s moving onwards.

When your hormones are perfectly balanced, your whole body is in optimal condition. Hormones control your metabolism, cardiovascular functions, sleep patterns, growth and development, and sexual performance. Think about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy if your doctor feels you have some imbalance.

Tip 3. Limit Sun Exposure

During the summer, we take all precautions to protect our skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, we tend to throw out all these precautions the rest of the year. UVA and UVB rays break through clouds even during winter. It’s important to wear your SPF 45 daily to avoid wrinkles. Whenever you’re outdoors, have your sunglasses on to avoid squinting in the daylight. Apply Retin-A to keep your skin taut and promote collagen production.

Tip 4. Use Anti-Inflammatories

Anti-inflammatories are arguably the best anti-agers you can ever come across. They improve immune functions and cardiovascular activity while helping skin look supple and hair grow thick and long.

At 50, I now take 3 500mm capsules of omega-3 fish oils twice a day. I usually look for pesticide-free products or those labelled “molecularly distilled for purity”. If I had started younger, I guarantee I would be much better off.

Tip 5. Be Careful With Staining Liquids

I’ve always been a coffee person and having a Starbucks close by makes it so much easier to indulge in my favorite drink as much as I want. Nonetheless, keep in mind the effect of staining liquids on your teeth.

Coffee, tea, sodas, and dark juices can easily stain your teeth. Brushing immediately afterwards may help, but is not very practical if you’re always on the move or in back-to-back meetings. Nowadays, when I do have my coffee, I take it fast since sipping slowly for an hour results in coating and recoating which is much more difficult to brush away.

Simple And Clever Anti-Aging Tips

Start using these simple tips, no matter what your current age is. Take better care of your skin, teeth, eyes, and muscles. Remember, it’s better to take good care of your health from your inside coming out. The best externally-applied products will only check the symptoms but will not cure the root cause. Anti-inflammatories and hormone balancing work internally to stave off signs of aging.


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