The Art of Correctly Coordinating Your Socks with the Rest of Your Outfit

Socks form an integral part of many outfits, and can even become the highlight of your ensemble if you plan accordingly. Choose your outfit’s colors unwisely, however, and your socks can stand out in a way you hadn’t hoped. So, up your sock-wearing game with these sock coordination tips.

Socks in a Business Setting

The rules of sock wearing are generally quite simple for men. The color of men’s socks should match the color of their suit or trousers. Otherwise, the socks can stick out like a sore thumb. This can draw the focus of your outfit to your feet and can make it seem that your trousers are too short. In some cases, it can make you appear shorter.  

So, when you wear a dark suit, you should complement with dark socks, preferably the exact color of your suit or trousers. At the same time, if you have beige-colored jeans, wearing beige-colored socks is the norm, as black socks will stand out.

This can sound very boring, but there are simply not many alternatives when in a business setting. Certain rules are expected to be followed in the workplace. This combination looks professional when you have to attend meetings and conferences or meet new clients.

You should not wear bright socks on formal occasions. You want to avoid looking ‘wacky’. This includes official meetings, conferences, and all other occasions connected to your work or business. This rule also applies when you visit a church or go to a wedding. Avoiding clashing socks is advised. This also applies to funerals.

In some countries like Japan, culture demands that you remove your shoes in some settings. Colored socks could look terribly out of place. Many people also ask you to remove your shoes when you enter their home, so consider that when you’re choosing your socks.

More Exciting Socks for Men

If you want to get funkier with your socks, you can alter your outfit in preparation. We have already stated that your socks should generally match the color of your trousers. Therefore, if you are wearing bright red trousers, you should match them up with bright red socks. That allows you to wear an exciting new sock style without breaking the standard rules of sock pairing.

To get away from plain socks, a classic sock look is a combination of two colors in a striped pattern. When you choose the colors, the best combination will be contrasting colors. Maintain consistency in your outfit’s contrast. Having a jarring contrast can backfire. The best way is to match the contrast between your trousers and your shirt in your sock choice.

It is also a good idea to coordinate the color of the socks with other garments, such as your jacket, shirt, its sleeves, the color of the pocket, etc.  You don’t want the entire ensemble to become too busy, so if you’re wearing patterned socks then consider solid colors for your trousers that complement the colors in the patterned socks.

Socks form an important part of all men’s outfits. Take care to match the color of socks with the rest of your outfit, including your shoes.

Super Sock Style for Women

Women’s socks are often more as a style statement rather than a necessary accessory. For women who wear formal suits in the office, the sock-wearing rules that apply to men fit here as well. Instead, we shall discuss socks as a fashion accessory for women. Women have more leeway stylistically compared to men. They can often wear a dress and socks in contrasting colors and still look great. A contrasting look gets even better if they don a matching hat.

Choosing the same color throughout your outfit is another popular choice in 2017. Matching the color of socks with your dress is not enough. You should sport matching shoes to complement this style.

However, remember that you have the license to experiment. Skin tight socks match any outfit, especially if the colors of the socks contrast with that of your skin. Experiment with various colors and have a blast. Following the rules is always safe. Sometimes, you have to throw the rules to the wind and take a chance, and that’s when you become a fashion leader rather than a follower of fashion.