5 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces You Should Must-have in Your Collection

The blues of the never-ending oceans and golden beaches of Hawaii are most certainly irresistible. They beckon to you and can never really be forgotten. With the cold ocean breeze, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the scenic views, the stunning beaches and the unusually colored sands; Hawaii is a paradise indeed! 

Visiting Hawaii regularly or just residing there is not feasible; however, you can always carry a piece of Hawaii with you. Wondering how? Get the Hawaiian jewelry! Hawaiian jewelry pieces feature beautiful, natural ocean treasures that constantly remind you of Hawaii and keep you connected. A glance at the Hawaiian jewelry pieces can take you to the fond memories of relaxing by the waterfronts and make you feel at peace. 

Today, there is a huge variety available when it comes to Hawaiian jewelry. The options incorporate everything from iconic island flowers like plumeria and hibiscus to the beloved honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle). Certain motifs, styles, and designs have superseded the rest. 

Here we have compiled 5 Hawaiian jewelry pieces you just can’t miss out on: 

1] Plumeria and Hibiscus jewelry 

Plumeria the iconic flower of Hawaii symbolizes birth and love; spring and new beginnings. Women in Hawaii are often seen with flowers tucked behind their ears. The plumeria flower has a distinct and timeless design, which makes it a popular choice for Hawaiian jewelry. The flower which is a positive and hopeful symbol, when inscribed on a jewelry piece, serves as a very meaningful gift. The Plumeria design can be inscribed on rings, pendants and earrings. The delicate and feminine vibe that Plumeria jewelry gives is unmatched. It perfectly reflects the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

5 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces You Should Must have in Your Collection

Hibiscus; a flower that is synonymous with tropical paradises around the world is the national flower of Hawaii. This fact is enough to justify why it is a must-have in your Hawaiian jewelry collection. It boasts of a gorgeous floral design, which when translated to jewelry, is as perfect as it can be! Hibiscus represents royalty and communicates power and respect, which makes it ideal to be incorporated in jewelry pieces. 

2] Sea turtle jewelry 

5 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces You Should Must have in Your Collection

If something perfectly encapsulates the laid-back Hawaiian life; it is the honu- Hawaiian green sea turtle. The teardrop-shaped carapace and symbolism of good luck and longevity make the honu a perfect example of Island-inspired jewelry. The sea turtles have a long lifespan and hence stand for patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. A sea turtle neckpiece, ring or earring will most certainly transport you to the splashing oceans. Additionally, its unique and charming design will make people look at you!  

3] Palm tree and seashell jewelry 

Can’t imagine the Hawaiian landscapes without palm trees, can you? If something represents Hawaii in its entirety, they are the beautiful, lush palm trees! These trees are often associated with victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life, making them fit to be utilized in jewelry. You can pair the palm tree jewelry pieces with an aloha dress or shirt and give out a holistic Hawaiian vibe! We assure you that you will constantly be reminded of the coastal relaxation every time you look at your palm tree jewelry. 

If the seashell jewelry doesn’t fill you with awe; we are ready to lose anything to you! Seashell jewelry looks highly aesthetic. There is a wide variety of seashells found in Hawaii but the Puka shell is most prominent. These shells have a natural hole in the middle; which made them ideal for jewelry. And imitating this concept, the jewelers have come up with Puka jewelry. The Puka jewelry is commonly made using white and blue sapphires; the colors that are symbolic of the oceans. Colorful sapphires are also used sometimes. 

4] Pineapple jewelry 

Hawaii is home to many luscious fruits but the fruit that you will come across on every street of Hawaii is the Pineapple. Its sweet and savoury taste is perfect to go with the coasts. After noticing how widespread Pineapple is in Hawaii; jewelers started designing pineapple jewelry. The pineapple jewelry captures the sweetest memories and warmth of Hawaii and reflects the hospitality there. 

5] Sea animal jewelry

The sea animals that visitors are frequently exposed to in Hawaii are crabs, dolphins, starfish, seahorses, whales and so on. All these definitely remind us of the vast blue seas that have a world of their own. The sea animals represent resilience and strength. When these animals are intricately forged over jewelry, you get a perfect blend of nature and fashion. These animals will definitely transmit you to the coasts of Hawaii and to the beautiful sights! 

5 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces You Should Must have in Your Collection

Hawaiian jewelry is ravishing! The subtle, intricate and attractive Hawaiian designs will never go out of fashion!  Not only can they enhance the appearance of an Aloha outfit but can amplify and make your every other outfit more appealing. 

Since the Hawaiian jewelry has a unique, delicate yet bold design, they perfectly go with any outfit whatsoever. Lastly, your days in the tranquil and amusing Hawaii won’t ever have to end with these wearable reminders!