Styling Tips for the Petite Beauty

Before we move ahead, let me tell you that if you are 5’4 or under, you should take keen interest in this post. Here, we will discuss tips that should help you look.

One more thing – we know that petite doesn’t mean slim and short. Petite women come in all sizes and shapes.

With that little information, let’s jump on to the styling tips directly.


It is possible that the shirt you love is too big for you. However, if you still want to buy it, go ahead with it. However, to cover the issue, you can simply use layers and make it look perfect for you.

Faking a perfect fit is possible if you can layer it properly.

DIY Alterations

Well, with the perfect dress even, you might notice that it doesn’t fit you as expected. In this case, instead of going to a tailor and getting it altered, use simple, easy alterations that can be done at home.

There are a number of ways in which you can do it. Check for some of the best ways to do it with the help of online sources.


Tailoring an almost perfect dress might be an added cost, but it pays off to have the perfect fit. It not only makes an impression, but even makes you look better. For a number of clothes, you can do it like winter coats that might not be the best fit for you when you purchase it from a retail shop or an online store.

Cuff them

With long shirts, you should cuff them at the elbow so that you can be at ease and even look stylish.

This is a trick that can instantly change your look and comments you received. For example, without cuffing, one might say, “This shirt is too big for you, isn’t it?” However, with cuffing, the same person will say, “Nice!” Even is that compliment is not coming your way, at least you will not attract negatives.

This is the difference cuffing can make. However, remember that you should avoid long shirts in office premises because cuffing might not be appreciated by your boss and coworkers.

Cuffing is a secret that can make your legs look longer too. The trick is simple. You can cuff long jeans and make it look perfect for you. So, either tuck them or roll them under


It is important to invest in a petite-friendly hanger that is narrow. This is important because it will help in preventing arms and shoulder bumps. So, if you want, you can even think of junior hangers instead of huggable hangers. With standard, huggable hangers, you might notice that the hanger pokes into the fabric and leaves a stretched material for you. You don’t want it. In fact, no one wants it. So, look for petite-friendly hangers that are slimmer and bendable.


Silhouette might be in your closet, but you should make sure that you streamline it by removing distracting details like elastic bands. Elastics can be irritating in a number of other cases too like in case of a blazer where it   you might be forced to stop awkwardly your forearm mid-wrist. So, skip the embarrassment by snipping the elastics.


Pairing is important because it helps in making your beautiful legs look longer. For example, if you are wearing black tights, you should pair it with black heels and elongate your legs. This illusion will keep negative or embarrassing comments away and bring compliments closer.

So, opt for this little trick and feel long and stylish.

Cropped sweater

Lengthening your torso is easy if you opt to wear a long fitted shirt and then add a layer of cropped sweater on top of it. The contrast is good and will help in lengthening your torso.

If you don’t have a cropped sweater, you can buy one at Coupons and offers for are available, and you can get the same sweater at a discounted price. So, before checking out of your shopping cart, you should look for these offers and coupons.

Coupons for various online stores are available online, and you can opt for newsletters even, to stay updated with the latest and the best coupons and offers on your favorite products.

However, before applying coupons, make sure that they are not expired. Expired coupons should be avoided.

Bustier? Get the balance right!

If you are a bustier petite, you should look for empire waists because it nips you in beneath the bust line. However, if you are not comfortable with this or want an alternative, try pairing a fitted top with a high-low skirt.

Kids’ Size

With a smaller frame, you should think of looking for the right top in the kids’ section too because even retailer sizing doesn’t always makes sense.

Another advantage of looking for your size in the kids’ section is that they often cost less.

Note: You can use the same trick for shoes too, especially boots. You might find a more proportionate fit with the boots hitting your calves.

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Coupons are even available. Look for coupons and club them with store offers.

Petite-friendly brands

If you love being loyal to brands, you should know a number of them that are petite-friendly. This is important because if you start being loyal to a brand that is not interested or does not manufacture petite-friendly products, you will have to look for unnecessary solutions that can force you to be conscious all the time. This is not good because it can dent your looks even when you look perfect. However, you are not confident about it.

Confidence is important because it allows you to create an impression in the mind of the onlookers that you are confident, and you love what you wear.