5 Healthy Ideas for Your Wedding Day Breakfast

For a lot of people, a wedding is the most critical event in their life. Thus it’s understandable if they want to feel and look amazing. On this day, most brides forget to take breakfast while others completely avoid it for fear of bloating. But starting the big day with the right breakfast can trigger an amazing feeling of readiness for a beautiful occasion that one will live to reminisce. An ideal breakfast should on the very least include proteins, vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates.  The following ideas will help both the bride and groom to get a nourishing breakfast before embarking on this important day without compromising their comfort or looks.

Creating a Nice Schedule

Breakfast is the most important meal of any day and the wedding day is not exempted. If skipped or rushed, one might lack the energy needed to cope with the frantic events of the day. Therefore, a proper breakfast time should be included in every betrothed couple’s schedule. Ideally, a couple should consider having their close friends join them for breakfast, which might encourage them to sit down and have a few bites in preparation for the busy day ahead. It’s, however, imperative to eat slowly while taking short breaks after each mouthful, which will essentially allow for proper digestion. Breakfast is probably the only time the couple will have a proper meal and interact freely with the guest thus they should utilize this chance fully.

Take Eggs

While eggs are small in size, they easily top the list of the most nutritious ingredients available. An egg for breakfast can supply the body with the much-needed vitamins, proteins, and selenium. They also provide energy and nutrient in addition to keeping the couple full satisfying until lunchtime. A boiled or scrambled egg served with a whole grain toast is an ideal meal for supplying fiber into the body while also speeding up digestion. Ideally, this meal can be complemented with half an avocado mashed with a teaspoon of apple vinegar to provide the body with essential fats for enhanced metabolism throughout the day.

Make Nutritious Smoothies

In the list of light and nutritious drinks, nothing beats a smoothie especially when taken in the morning of a wedding day. A combination of bananas and berries makes a great and sweet mixture that can also be complemented with yogurt. The bride can also choose to blend a variety of fruits to make one great meal. To make it even more wholesome, they should consider adding cheer seeds. It’s also advisable to include peanut butter in the blend to maximize the fats intake. However, a smoothie can also be comprised of vegetables; a drink that is commonly known as a green juice. Generally, smoothies are the ultimate energy boosters that every bride and groom should consider for their wedding day breakfast specially made from one of the high-quality juicers.

Include Nuts for Breakfast

Nuts are technically fruits without sugars while being low on carbs but high on essential oils and proteins.  Breakfast is the best time for a person to consume nuts because they effectively kick-start the body’s metabolism. The most nutritional nuts include walnuts cashew nuts, and almonds, which can be included in smoothies, porridge, shakes or pancakes. Not only will nuts sweeten the betrothed couple’s breakfast, but also sustain their body for longer than an average bowl of cereals.

Consider Consuming Pumpkins

Pumpkins contain high levels of potassium, which comes in handy for regulation of the body’s natural fluid as well as electrolyte balance. With low potassium levels, the contraction levels in the digestive system are reduced, which ultimately causes bloating and constipation. Besides, a pumpkin can serve as both as a delicious snack or full meal.  The bride should also be creative and showcase pumpkin as a tasty ingredient to make it more enjoyable during their wedding day breakfast.

Eating the right food on a wedding day is central to making the couple feel at ease and comfortable throughout the entire ceremony. While one cannot exactly be assured of a jitter-free wedding, what the couple eats for breakfast certainly plays a crucial part in sustaining a steady stomach throughout the day. It should also be noted that skipping breakfast can force the body to a survival mode, whereby it tends to preserve energy by decelerating its metabolic rate. Consequently, the couple is likely to be ravenous later that day. Since the skin and hair also need to stay hydrated, one should also remember to keep a glass of water in hand.

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