5 Must-have Men Accessories for Summer 2018

There is no doubt that much can be told about a man by simply looking what he wears. And as gone are the days when the choices of men accessories were rather limited, the variety of accessories a man wears nowadays have gained the significance of defining his personality and highlighting his image in the eyes of the society. In line with it, modern fashion provides thousands of opportunities for expressing one’s personality in the language of accessories. In the present article, we have secluded top accessories that will highlight the luxury look of any man in summer 2018.

Pick up a pair of sunglasses to shade your eyes and highlight your image!

Sunglasses are practical yet timeless piece of accessories which are able to  impart you a look of charismatic and stylish personality. This year metal frames and clip–on sunglasses, vintage and round sunglasses with keyhole bridge have made a huge comeback and are in style again! Consider, while choosing a pair of sunglasses, above trends and personal preferences, you should consider the shape of your face to be able to settle on the ideal eyewear.

Trends come and go,  luxury watches stay!

At the same time, though many men may not wear bracelets, rings, chains, and other similar accessories, all men love wearing watches and the reason may be the fact that a watch is the accessory that is usually attached to the image of a successful businessman. Meanwhile, while choosing what to wear you should bear in your mind, that watches are the accessories that usually have a lot to tell about your lifestyle and preferences.

This summer luxury watches with a simplistic and plain design as well as skeleton watches are in trend. We suggest checking the latest models of top brands on chronoexpert.com !

Belts build up your style!

Long ago the functional role of belts have weakened, still, as an accessory, they preserve their importance as an inseparable part of the modern man’s style. Considering the fact that in the fashion of men the minimalism spirit usually resigns, it becomes clear why classic and single color belts with a buckle are almost always in trend. Nevertheless, it may be argued that  bright shades, unusual textures and even some prints are also becoming common among more casual models

Wallet is more than a storage for your money!

Wallets are  another essential accessory that any businessman should pay special attention. Apart from being practically important item, for keeping cash, cards and documents safe, wallet is also an important accessory for self expression, so you need to consult the choice of the wallet with your style, i.e, if you are a businessman, you should choose something in calmer colors without overloaded details.  Montblanc, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and other fashion houses have already updated their luxurious wallet products for 2018, so you need to check out them before rushing to make a purchase!

Complement your suits to make your look classy!

Casual style mixed with suits has made its periodical comeback to  trend as well, and right now is quite actual, still if you are a businessman pursuing a classy look you should consider that accessories are always in style for your image: variety of ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, tie clips are among the first accessories you may turn for help. For these accessories not a single trend may identified, as they cover all the extremes: from bright-color knitted ties to plain black colored ones, from simple square stainless steel cufflinks to French-Fries Cufflinks.  Despite the fact that cufflinks are small, and sometimes tiny, they perfectly complement the overall picture. This accessory with the right selection creates the right accent in the image, but with improper selection or inappropriate use can damage the whole suit.