5 Nail Painting Tip for a Salon Like Finish

Painting your nails can completely transform your mood. It can make you feel more put-together and can also enhance your confidence. Moreover, well-painted, manicured hands appear much more hygienic and can leave a positive impression. But there’s something about getting your nails done from the salon that takes them to a whole new level. 

The finish of salon painted nails is significantly smoother, and somehow, they last longer too. But what is it about salon painted nails that makes them so much better than when we DIY our nails at home? Read on to find out more on nail paint tips below. 

5 Nail Painting Tip for a Salon Like Finish
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#1 Paint – Dry – Paint

One of the most common nail painting mistakes is that we don’t let the first coat of our nail polish dry before applying the second coat. This causes our nail paint to smudge and prevent it from getting a smooth finish. 

To avoid this, give some time to let your nail paint dry properly before you go over it again with the second coat. This will help you to apply a smooth layer of nail enamel and give your nail polish an opaque finish. 

#2 Buff Your Nails Before Applying Nail Polish 

This tip takes a greater significance when you’re going for a darker shade. As you must have noticed, when you apply a red or black nail polish, it tends to appear blotchy and smudgy. This can be avoided by buffing your nails properly and smoothening out the surface before going over with nail paint. 

Buffing will ensure that you get rid of bumps and dents on your nail and allow your nail polish to glide on smoothly, leading to a much smoother finish. 

#3 Use a Base Coat

Whether you’re going for a nude polish or wish to flaunt red nails, you’d want your manicure to last longer. This is why it is a good idea to use a base coat on your nails before applying a nail paint. A base coat acts as a primer for your nails and allows your nail paint to stick better, making it last longer. 

#4 Use a Top Coat

A top coat adds a final finishing touch to your manicure, making it smooth and shiny. This also prevents your nail paint from chipping and ultimately makes it last longer. It would be best if you always use a top coat, especially when you’re opting for dark shades. 

#5 Go for Branded Nail Paints 

Whenever you buy nail paints, you need to ensure that you’re going for only the best brands. Most low-quality nail paints tend to chip away within a few hours of application, making your hands appear unkempt and untidy. This is why you should always invest in good-quality products from reputed brands. 

These days there are a number of new-age brands available in the market. At SERY Cosmetics, we offer a variety of gorgeous nail paints to choose from, allowing you to get salon like nails at home. Being a new-age brand, we, at SERY Cosmetics, provide a uniquely new range of gorgeous nail paints that are enriched with the goodness of avocado oil and Vitamin E. These nail paints are paraben free and keep your nails healthy and strong. 

So whether you’re going for a peppy green nail polish or wish to flaunt romantic pink nails, get your hands on nail paints from brands like SERY cosmetics and let your nails have some fun!