The Student Pocket Guide – Makeup Styles for Every Occasion

Nowadays we have a lot of freedoms to do, say, and think whatever we want to. It is easy to express yourself in that particular way that you prefer, whether it is through music, fashion, opinions or appearance. The one can make a tattoo, dye the hair in the wildest color or even colors, alter any body part, etc. But the most harmless and cheap way to play with your look has always been makeup. It is easy, affordable, not permanent – so no regrets after the quick decision. It is a simple and fun way to enhance your aesthetics and fit into any given occasion. In the following article, we will explore some of the universal makeup looks that will satisfy even the most demanding audience. So let’s dive into this easy guide on the makeup styles for different events.   


It is always nice to have a solid foundation for the future development. This statement is also true for a makeup routine, as exactly foundation holds the key to holding the whole look together. The essential point is to find the color and texture that suits your skin tone and type well. If you get this right, consider the half job in achieving an ideal look is done. There is a lot of information about your perfect tone online, but it is better to go to an actual store and try for yourself.

Tip: Swatch on the neck in the daylight; or even better – ask for foundation samples, 2-3 shades that you think will match you and try them at home. Trust us, the lights at shops could be extremely deceitful. The same goes for a concealer.


Eye makeup is a huge field to experiment with. You can create a bold summery look with bright colors like, for instance, yellow or electric blue; or you can go for a more subtle look with simple eyeliner and a classical wing. It will all look great, just remember that for every occasion there is a suitable makeup style. If you have decided to emphasize the eyes, it is better to go neutral with blush and lips. Try to make just one accent at a time.

Tip: If you have something more official coming, like a job interview, try to go with a very thin brown eye wing. It is less noticeable than the black one but still brings the attention to the eyes. The dark gray might also work well, depending on your eye color and personal preferences.


Lipstick fashion has changed a lot throughout the years. We can write many essays about it; just say “write an essay for me fast,” and we will type hundreds of words about thin dark lips of the 1920’s, classical reds of the 1950’s, bold, eclectic colors of the 80’s. As for now, today’s fashion is highly inclusive and reaches for naturals and nudes, as well as for more daring variants such as dark green, black, or vibrant purple. It all depends on your style and preferences, and also on the extent to which you are ready to experiment.

Tip: If you are a student and want to save some cash, try buying pallets of travel-sized sets. They have a variety of colors to choose from, but cost cheaper than the regular-sized ones. And since lipstick is not used on the everyday basis in the huge amounts, this should be enough to cover your color preferences.

Blush and Bronzer

Here it all sums up to your aims and goals. If it is a night out, friend’s wedding, a date, or a prom night – go for it! Apply both, gently of course. But if it is your regular day, there is no need for the extensive makeup routine. You can create a sun-kissed look by applying bronzer and picking warm, neutral colors. Or you can create a fresh-faced-rosy-cheeks-minimal-mascara makeup style.


People just love glowing things! There is no denial of that. But be careful! Do not put any highlighter on peoples or areas that you do not want to exaggerate, like pores for instance.

Tip: If you have a warn undertones, go for gold highlighter; if you are rather fair-skinned with cool undertones pink one will suit you well. Are you looking for a bolder statement? Go for iridescent white one! It will bring that unicorn magic.

So we can compose three different major looks to create.

  • Summer goddess – apply bright eyeliner of your choice, lots of mascara, a bit of bronzer here and there, and don’t forget the glow! As for the lips – we suggest you go with the strongest color available.
  • Peachy vibes – rouge is necessary, a bit of mascara, transparent peachy lip gloss, and shimmery warm eyeshadow.
  • Strong classics – this one is super simple. Winged eyeliner, mascara, red lips.