5 Pieces Of Loungewear You Can Buy Right Now

5 Pieces Of Loungewear You Can Buy Right Now

Are you looking for something sleek and comfortable to wear while relaxing or working from home? How about something that’ll keep you cool while you sleep? Whether you’re in the mood for a comfy graphic tee or want to buy a full pajama set, there’s something for everybody in the world of relaxing loungewear. The best part? You can mix and match different styles to create a look that’s all your own. Here are five pieces of loungewear you can (and should!) buy right now.

Graphic Tees

T-shirts are surprisingly versatile, especially for a garment that began its life as underwear. They can be worn throughout the day as a comfortable alternative to a button-up shirt, at work on casual days, as an undershirt, during a workout, or even while you sleep. From the humble sleeveless tank top to the comfy classic fit, graphic tees are rugged, machine washable, and can come in a variety of designs (including your favorite TV show or band, among others). Get a t-shirt with your favorite logo or design to showcase your interests and spark conversations with other people when you’re not at home. Most t-shirts are 100% cotton, too, so they are already soft and breathable.  When you are home, a graphic tee is the perfect apparel for kicking back and relaxing in style.


Speaking of garments that pair well with t-shirts, consider a humble pair of joggers. Joggers are the ultimate example of the concept of “Athleisure,” where fashionable folks take athletic clothing/designs and wear them outside of an athletic setting. But what are these magnificent trousers, exactly? They’re basically a type of sports parents that have elastic/drawstrings at the waist and elasticated ankles for a better fit. They are lightweight, comfortable, and provide an athletic appearance. They are much lighter than tracksuits – which tend to run on the heavier side and are intended for rigorous training – and they’re not as thick as sweatpants. They’re a fantastic option for lounging around the house, running some quick errands, playing some games with your pals, or just generally having a relaxing, carefree day by yourself.

Sleep Shorts

Sometimes you want to stay warm while you sleep; sometimes you don’t. For those moments when you want to keep things cool and breezy, you want to wear some sleep shorts. A type of lounge wear classified as a “sleep separate,” sleep shorts can be a boon to anyone looking for a loose fitting option to keep themselves cool at night. Sleep experts recommend wearing loose clothing at night to help improve circulation, reduce skin irritation, and help you breathe easier. Plus, shorts are stylish and made with durable materials, so they’ll last much longer than some other options or double as part of a casual outfit during the day, playing sports, or while working out at home or the gym.

Sweats/Sleep Pant

When it comes to buying loungewear for men, trousers are one piece of apparel you want to get right every time. Size, shape, how well it conforms to your body, breathability, what activities you’re performing, and general aesthetic are all important when it comes to pants. Sweatpants are great for colder nights, but may be a bit heavy for sleeping. As cozy lounge pants, however, they’re a good bet year-round. For other purposes, there’s the lightweight sleep pant. Woven cotton and an elastic band help with fit while pockets add an extra usefulness to the clothing. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something with a slim or classic fit, these comfortable pants are ideal for lounging around at home anytime.

Matched Pajama Sets

If you’re interested in dialing your night-time style all the way up to eleven, start thinking about matching pajama sets. There are a number of great reasons to get a matching pajama set. They’re comfortable and they look good. Why not sleep in style and stay cozy at the same time? Or perhaps you feel as if you don’t have as much control over your life as you’d like. If that’s the case, wearing a matching set of pajamas might be just the thing to let you take some form of that control back. Pajamas can come in various fits, styles, and patterns. Whether it’s plaid bottoms with a matched logo tee or a solid polo-style shirt with matching pants, there really is something for everybody here. A matching set of pajamas is perfect for any time of year, being made with a variety of materials to accommodate different types of weather and personal comfort levels. Cotton, satin, and silk pajamas are perfectly suited to staying cool, comfy, and lightweight. Flannel, fleece, and linen are heavier materials that’ll keep you warm on a cold night.