Five Photo Editing Tips to Take Professional Photos on your iPhone

Long gone are the days that a mobile phone was used for simply making phone calls. Taking photos on a phone is something that most modern phone owners enjoy doing and every year a new phone is released that promises to take more profession photos than the last. The Apple iPhone camera technology is superior to its rivals and it has improved significantly since the original handset was first launched. Here’s how to take advantage:

Download Apps

You can download an app that will manage your red eye reduction to get rid of any scary and unwanted red eyes caused by the flash of your camera. Red eye is a problem that even the most professional photographers suffer from and you should take advantage of an app to replace any unsightly red eyes with a flash-free eye to improve the quality of your pictures. You can also download fun editing apps that allow you to add stickers to photos, as well as make someone thinner or fatter or add a hat or a smoking pipe.

Shoot from Different Angles

Not all photos have to be taken from the same angle all the time, so why not have some fun when you take your photos and try out some different positions? Try kneeling down and shooting from a low angle or stand on something like a ladder and take a photo of a subject from high above.

Take Black & White Photos

You can be really creative when you use black and white photography and this is easy to do on an iPhone simply by selecting black and white from the rolling options at the bottom of the camera screen. You can take beautiful silhouette photos without any colour, and using shadows is also a simple way to get the most out of a black and white photo.

Include Reflections

There is something very captivating about a reflection in a photograph. This can be achieved by taking photos of water, from puddles and lakes to the sea and water reflections give photos a distorted look that stands in contrast to the original un-reflected part of the photo.

Use Symmetry

Try to use symmetrical subjects and scenery in your photos. Placing subjects in the centre of the photo also works really well to draw the eye in. Items and features such as benches, seascapes, dense forests, walls and the sky all provide symmetrical photo subjects.

Photos from your iPhone can be transferred to other products such as a cushion cover. photo book, or a mug with professional help from a company like Photobox. You can even get your own wall canvas printed out featuring your best photo and this can be a fun way to make great use of your pictures rather than just flicking through them when you are waiting for your Starbucks.

When you take photos it is important not to be afraid to use different tricks to get different results. A photo will last forever and acts as a great memory, so why not ensure that your photos are something that are really worth keeping by taking advantage of modern apps and other secret techniques to improve the quality of your pictures?