5 Ways to Embrace the Minimalist Makeup Approach

After many years of heavy makeup trends, I think we’ve had enough. With today’s hectic lifestyle, we hardly even manage to comb our hair in order not to be late for work, how could we possibly take 45 minutes to do our makeup every single day? Also, who could catch up with all those different sized brushes, primers, sponges etc? The good news is that, sometimes, you don’t need all that stuff to doll yourself up. You just need to learn a few tricks and to own a few key tools – take notes.

Multi-purpose lipstick

Since the key to minimalist makeup approach is owning the smallest amount of makeup that will serve you just like you have ten times as much. The beautiful thing about lipstick is that, besides making your lips pop, it may also serve as a fabulous blush. That’s right, you heard me. So next time you are done caking your face, put some red lipstick on your finger and dab it on your cheeks – you will be surprised with the result.

Versatile eyeshadow palette (also multi-purpose)

Forget about those king-sized eyeshadow palettes that have all shades of rainbow colors, you are not going to a New Year’s Eve party. Depending on your skin tone and your eye color, go for a nude palette that suits you, kind of like ones that Maybelline has.

The first reason why this is one of the most important makeup tools of your makeup bag is the fact you can use eyeshadow as eyebrow shadow. I will let you in on a little secret: their structure is completely the same.

The second reason is that, if your palette has both matte as well as shimmery eyeshadows, you can use the shimmery ones as a highlighter!

The third reason is that you can use the brown-reddish ones as a bronzer! Talking about a multi-purpose, right?

Foundation and concealer

There is nothing much to say here, some women love to wear foundation because they have some flaws they want to hide, others find foundation way too heavy for their pores and face so they rather pick a BB cream, and third ones choose not to use it at all. In other words, foundation is optional.

When it comes to concealer, things are a little bit different. Even the ladies with the cleanest faces have some of “those days”. This is why it is important to have concealer in your makeup bag so you can hide your own “bags” with ease. And I almost forgot about one extremely important role of concealer – you can use it as eyeshadow primer!

Mascara with a double purpose

Of course, every gal needs her mascara, that much is obvious. BUT, check this out. If you buy a mascara that is super dark and pigmented, it can serve you as – guess what? Okay, I will tell you – as eyeliner. You will just have to have a super small eyeliner brush stocked somewhere in your makeup bag as well.

The main four tools

As we all know, there are now countless different makeup brushes and blenders, and beauty gurus who persuaded us that we can’t do our makeup if we don’t have them all. This is, of course, plain nonsense. Here are the only four tools you need and which will serve you perfectly.

  1. Foundation brush or a sponge blender

That’s right, you don’t need both of them. Pick one depending on what you find easier: stroking or dabbing. If you want my advice, brushes can sometimes be tricky because they can leave those little traces or brush lines, while a beauty blender creates a more even layer of foundation.

  1. Basic eyeshadow brush

Oh you know those, the “hairs” are cut in a shape of half circle, and they are really thick. They will serve you great when applying your eyeshadow.

  1. Blending eyeshadow brush

This one has hairs that are a bit longer and they’re all puffy and fluffy. It kind of reminds me of hairs of trolls from that cartoon Trolls (lol). You will need this if you want your eye makeup to look smoky and softer.

  1. Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush is really thin, hard, and cut diagonally. It has to be this way so you can “draw” your eyebrows the right way and keep them sharp looking.

That would be it. As you can see, you don’t need an entire makeup store to look dolled up, you just need to use your imagination and (like I already said) the right tools. Do you have any other ideas? Let me know.