Ways to Combat Oily Skin without Makeup

In a fantasy world, there would be one product that would have the ability to accommodate every woman and man. However, in the real world, that’s not the case. The products you choose are often dependent on the kind of skin that you have. The different skin types are oily, dry and combination (oily and dry); most women use their skin type as a guide on what kind of beauty products like Cosrx are perfect for their skin.

Every working woman needs makeup in her routine but there are some days (especially rest days) that cosmetics aren’t necessary. If you have skin that’s a combination of dry and oily, it’s a blessing; but if you have either dry or oily skin, you will need to invest a little more on skin care, hygiene, and beauty products that work well with your skin type. Oily skin is more prone to dirt and acne so it needs more love and care than normal skin.

Here are some of the tips on the various ways that you can combat oily skin without the use of makeup by using natural products that you can easily find at home:

1. Fruits and juices

Fruits have natural good acids that could help clear oily skin. Brighten up your face by mixing equal parts of apple and lemon juice in one volume and applying it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Aside from apple and lemon, you can also use lemon and cucumber. Add some drops of lemon juice in cucumber juice and apply them on the face for 15 minutes, then washing it with cold water to close the pores.

Another hack is freezing freshly-squeezed orange juice and applying the ice on your face, removing facial dirt and excess oils. You can also use other citrus fruits such as lemon and lime.

2. Leaves and flower essences

Leaves and flowers are good for oily skin. Boil neem leaves and filter them to get their essence. Put this neem water on the face like a toner.

To reduce excess oil in the face, add mint extract and rose water to rice flour for 10 minutes on the face. Put it on the face while rolling gently with your hands. Then after some time, wash with water.

When you’re going out, bring a skin tonic with a rose and lavender base in your purse, as well as wet tissues so that the dust on your face can be quickly removed.

3. Powders

Put this home face mask once a week. Make a paste by mixing turmeric powder, Multan clay and pinch of turmeric in coconut water and keep it on the face for 10-15 minutes. Wash with plain water after drying.

Sandalwood powder and papaya extract mask is also a good remedy for oily skin. Apply the mask on your face at least once a week to help reduce excess oils.

4. Other organic ingredients

A lot of the food that is good for oily skin can also be applied to help reduce the skin’s oiliness. One of the things you can try is putting a mask made of egg white on your face and after drying it, cleaning it with gram flour.

Tomato also works as an astringent on oily skin. Extra oil extracted from the skin by mixing lightly on the face with lemon juice in the cotton.

Aside from using natural and organic remedies, it’s important to develop good habits that make it easy for your oily skin to heal. Even simple things like not forgetting to clean the skin before going to sleep at night and effectively removing all traces of dirt and makeup can go a long way in helping your oily skin.

In your diet, avoid oil-spiced food in order to control the production of sebum oil. To balance the oily glands, take a fiber-rich food and add salads to your diet. Increase the amount of citruses such as lemon, orange and healthy food rich in vitamin C in your daily intake.

Never use soaps that contain glycerin. Use a light scrub once a week as it is important for the cleansing of the oily skin. Dust-clay, make-up, dead cells are removed from the skin by cleansing and the pores of the skin are cleared. In this way, you can also avoid the problem of blackheads.

Those who have oily skin should be relaxed because the stress only worsens the oiliness of your skin. You can take advantage of yoga and meditation to stay relaxed.