6 stylish men’s shoes that every man should own

Shoes are an essential factor in every outfit. Since the perfect shoes may instantly make or shatter your appearance. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the appropriate shoes on hand to complete and compliment any outfit if you want to come off as stylish. Fortunately, we can guide your feet and you in the proper way. We’ve compiled a list of fashionable men’s shoes that every man needs in his closet for everything from running errands to attending a formal banquet.

6 stylish men’s shoes that every man should own

You should purchase a pair of Oxfords, brogues, Derby’s, or monk strap shoes for formal men’s dress shoes, mainly made of high-shine leather. If you’re searching for men’s dress boots, chukkas, lace-ups, and Chelsea boots are all fantastic choices that go well with various outfits. Finally, loafers and sandals are great options for less formal events. You should always pick up nice shoes for men if you want to enhance your overall look.   

Leather Boot:

A leather boot has the beautiful property that, with time and wear, it starts to tell a tale. Every man’s winter outfit must include a pair of leather boots with laces. Select an ankle-high, black or dark brown boot & cuff your pants for a more relaxed, edgier look. For ensuring a more formal appearance, you can also pull your pants over the top of the boots. Spend your money on a good pair; they will last you for years.

White Low Top Sneaker:

Simple white low-top sneakers are unbeatable if you opt for a more relaxed appearance. While we will never support the high-top “sneans” that dads all over the world made fashionable. Black jeans and low white tops make the ideal monochrome outfit. When boots or chukkas are too much of an outfit, a simple pair of white trainers is excellent for conveying a casual yet polished look.


The loafer, a streamlined shoe shape with Scandinavian origins, has evolved into the preppy culture’s fashionable look. Loafers are a staple of perfect casual attire and a preferred shoe style for the summer because they are low and lace-free. A pair of brown loafers will go with various color schemes and look great with casual and professional outfits. In addition, navy works well with neutral hues like white, beige, and green. Beige loafers look good with neutrals and go well with tanned skin if you want a pair to match.


The Derby shoe has an open lacing mechanism, whereas the Oxford has closed laces. The style was originally just a simple leather shoe, but it has since changed and now features a variety of fabrics and details. Most guys already have a nice pair of black Oxfords that they wear to more formal events, but this shoe also looks fantastic in tan for informal situations. It is one of the best nice shoes for men that keep you in trend always.


Every outfit needs a pair of supportive yet fashionable running shoes. Although sneakers are more focused on comfort than style, we offer advice on picking the best pair. Choose a style with less branding for adaptability. Bright hues are also great for creating a bold street style. Within a few weeks, white sneakers will seem battered and bruised; therefore, it’s essential to establish a solid shoe maintenance routine.


The brogue was designed as a far more functional shoe than how we wear it today, like so many other styles of dress shoes. When wearing brogues in muddy Ireland, the holes and perforations were initially designed to assist water drain after crossing bogs and swamps. Today, we have a little more respect for the brogue.

Hopefully, wearing these won’t make you knee-deep in mud. Choose dark brown brogues for formal events and lighter colored brogues for everyday use. Don’t overdo it and wear black brogues to a black tie event; they go best with a suit. As a general guideline, keep in mind while purchasing brogues that the more broguing there is, the less formal the shoe is.