Do’s and Don’ts If You Suffer From Ear Pimples

Acne occurring on the face, back, and arms is one thing, but when it occurs on or inside the ears it is very disturbing and painful. Ear pimples can occur outside the ear either on the lobe or at the back of the ear lobe, they can form inside the external ear canal as well. They are painful because the pimples form very close to the ear cartilage. However, in most cases, if the pimples are not deliberately popped and left untouched then they may usually go away without the formation of any scar and blemish.

But deliberately trying to remove the pimple may result in scarring and exacerbation of the bacterial infection further inside the ear which can be quite problematic. This is why it’s necessary to be aware of a few things if you suffer from ear pimples too. You can certainly accelerate the process of healing pimples, but harsh approaches can prove dangerous and may complicate things further. This article will provide you with a basic guideline of what you should and should not do in case an ear pimple pops up.

What To Do When You Notice An Ear Pimple Pop Up?

  1. If you feel discomfort because of the pimple then apply hot compresses on it so that the pus drains out from the pimple on its own.
  2. You can get over-the-counter retinoids and apply them on the pimple if it occurs outside the ear.
  3. You can apply 5% diluted tea tree oil on the pimple if it occurs on the ear.
  4. You can dab the pimple with some benzoyl peroxide which can help get rid of the pimple. 
  5. You can apply products containing salicylic acid on the pimple. Salicylic acid is effective against acne.
  6. You can apply a cold pack on the pimple if it gets inflamed. 
  7. You can apply rubbing alcohol on the pimple.
  8. Witch hazel extract is great for applying on pimples for speeding up the process of healing. 
  9. Dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the pimple can help get rid of the pimple quickly.
  10. Neosporin ointment can relieve you from ear pimples as well.
  11. You can opt for natural remedies for ear pimples as well, for instance, basil juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and black tea can all help you in getting rid of ear pimples.

What To Not Do If You Have Ear Pimples?

  1. Don’t pop them with your hands as this can get the pimple infected or spread an already existing infection further inside the ear. 
  2. Don’t share your earbuds.
  3. Don’t wear hats and other headgear that closes your ears for a long period of time.
  4. If you notice the condition worsening then don’t keep looking after it yourself, go see a doctor immediately. 
  5. Don’t swim or get in contact with dirty polluted water.
  6. Don’t put your finger or any foreign objects inside the ear. 
  7. If you notice that the ear piercing that you got is looking inflamed or infected then you should immediately see a healthcare provider, otherwise, this can lead to the formation of an ear pimple as well.
  8. If you already have acne on the face, then the chances of spreading bacteria from the face acne to the ears get high. So don’t neglect controlling face acne.
  9. If you have got dandruff issues then you should not leave it untreated as dandruff can cause pimples to form behind the ear lobe.
  10. Don’t forget to clean your ears regularly to avoid the buildup of dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria in the pores.