7 Habits that Make You Age Faster

The fact that every living organism is constantly changing is old news. Over time, our bodies go through a lot of change. We become weaker, our skin becomes more loose, thin and dry, and our immunity systems become frailer.  

However, there are certain habits that speed up this process, and make us look older than we actually are. Check this list out and see whether you can say no to at least some of the items on it.

1. Smoking

Everyone is aware of at least 70 percent of consequences caused by smoking. Besides harming your lungs, heart, teeth and throat, smoking also takes its toll on your skin.

Harmful chemicals in cigarettes such as ammonia, carbon monoxide and others, deprive your skin of oxygen which triggers the breakdown of collagen, resulting in saggy, loose and pale skin. Smokers usually develop deep wrinkles around their mouths, which is why they start using anti-aging creams earlier than non-smokers do.  But, that’s still not all. When exhaling, the smoke still lingers around your face for a while, which will increase another skin condition: blackheads.

2. Drinking alcohol often

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means that it causes dehydration that depletes all that natural moisture from our skin. This means that, if you drink alcohol often, you’ll eventually start looking older than you really are. Also, alcohol burns-up vitamins A, B and C, that are essential for our skin.

However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid alcohol completely; it just means that you should drink moderately.

3. Poor sleep

We are all familiar with those dark circles around our eyes after just one night of poor sleep. Imagine what a few nights like these can do to your skin. Sleep deprivation can increase cortisol levels, which can make inflammatory conditions much worse, and it also negatively affects collagen formation in your skin which leads to premature aging.

4. Eating unhealthy foods

No, junk food does not just take toll on your waistline and your weight. It also accelerates the process of aging , increases the risk of diabetes, slows down your digestive system and increases the risk of heart attack.  

So, the next time you want a greasy hamburger, opt for a home cooked meal, soup or salad, and when you crave some chocolate or ice cream, opt for dark chocolate or fruit. Not only you will look better, but you will also feel better.

5. Stress

During stressful times we tend to frown a lot which makes wrinkles appear on our foreheads. Besides, stress can cause much bigger issues such as increased blood pressure, overeating and heart disease. So, the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, try meditating, doing gentle exercise, listening to music, doing yoga or anything else that will calm you down.

6. Neglecting the importance of proper skincare

If you want to keep your skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible, you need to incorporate a proper skincare routine in your daily life. Different types of skin require different treatments, however, there are some basic rules that apply for everyone.

Cleansing and moisturizing are definitely a must. During the day a lot of dirt packs up on our faces and that dirt will stay nicely tucked in our pores if we don’t clean our faces at least twice a day. Brands like Skinceuticals from Australia offer high quality cleansers that are suitable for all skin types. After cleansing, put on a moisturizer which will protect your skin from all the rough elements in the air and it will help it keep its elasticity.

Also, make sure you never touch your face with dirty hands, remove your makeup before bed and always use quality makeup products.

7. Not enough physical activity

Couch potatoes are more prone to obesity and many other health problems, so instead of lying around all day do something useful for your body and dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day to exercising. You will increase your blood flow which will provide your skin with all necessary nutrients, and you will stave off heart disease, reduce your stress levels and feel much younger each day.

So, what do you think? Is it time to change your lifestyle?