7 Ways to Get Naturally Healthy Skin

7 Ways to Get Naturally Healthy Skin

A busy life is the way the world goes nowadays, and its results have to leave a mark on your health, including your skin. Though skin is great at rejuvenating itself it cannot do it on its own. By rethinking your diet and adjusting your cleaning rituals, you are sure to gain naturally healthy skin and have little need for any additional cosmetic products. Follow our tips and stick to them to get a naturally healthy skin.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

In order to have healthy skin, you will have to drink plenty of fluids. By fluids, we mean water primarily, at least a litre per day to keep your skin hydrated, but green tea and white tea have also been proven as great for your skin. In addition to getting your daily dose of caffeine by drinking green or white tea, you can also get your intake of antioxidants, which help with possible damage on your skin but they also slow down aging. So if you’re looking for a quick and effective way to enhance your skin‘s appearance and overall health, consider trying IV treatment in Malibu.

  • Veggies, Fruit and Meat

You don’t have to starve yourself to have great skin, but you do need to reconsider some of the things you eat. Eat more veggies and fruit, especially watermelon, beans and lentils as they are great for your skin. Also, you can eat meat, especially white meat and fish as they are great sources of nourishment for your whole body, but abstain from red meat as it is said to age the skin because of its high doses of carnitine.

  • Low-fat doesn’t mean healthy

Though you might think you are safe by eating low-fat products, these tend to be loaded with salt and sugar which is much more harmful than fats. This includes not only chips and candy but also white bread whose levels of sugar decrease collagen in your skin. In order to increase the level of collagen you can eat omega acids, like those in fish, but if you aren’t that keen on eating fish, you can add some premium marine collagen supplements to your diet.

  • Avoid dairy, alcohol and fried food

You should also avoid dairy products, though you can drink soy milk, as it doesn’t contain lactose, and it can raise the level of collagen and hydrate your skin. Alcohol and fried food should also be generally avoided as the former dehydrates your skin and the latter only obtains ‘bad fats’. Instead, try consuming more healthy fats like the ones found in olive oil and avocado.

  • Change your cleaning habits

Hygiene is very important for gaining healthy skin but you don’t have to scrub to the bone to get it. Actually it’s really simple, keep your face and utilities you use to cleanse it – clean. As far as your daily hygiene is concerned, you should wash your hands before you wash your face, and wash both in lukewarm water, as hot and cold water can make your face greasier. Also, don’t wash your face more than two times a day, as it would, again, make it oilier. You can also use a cleanser depending on your skin type.

  • Exfoliate for better results

Exfoliating can also help your skin as long as it is not performed too often, not more than once a week, as too much exfoliating can damage your skin. You can either buy a product or make your own from baking soda or salt. Also, it is very important to rinse your skin after treating it and pat your face afterward with a clean towel.

  • Clean your phone

But keeping your face clean is only the half of it. Make sure all things that come into contact with your face are clean as well, that includes your hands, glasses, your makeup brushes and towels. Even your phone can cause some blemishes as it is all over your hands and it isn’t usually cleaned as often as it should be.


You only need to do these three things to make sure your skin is naturally healthy. You don’t need to pile up on cosmetics to hide spots and blemishes as you will have nothing to hide. Rehydrate often and increase your intake of antioxidants and collagen through right food and decrease salts, sugar, dairy as they negatively influence the health of your skin. Keep to your new cleaning rituals and you are sure to shine through with you rejuvenated naturally-healthy skin.