8 Best Men’s Boots In Winters

Winter is here!

So is our need to cover ourselves from head to toe with tons of layers and heavy clothing. Everything is out, from jackets and hoodies to coats and thermal trousers, but what about your footwear? 

These harsh winters call for rugged and comfy boots. You need a good pair of men’s boots and woolen socks to protect yourself from chilly winds. That is why we have compiled a thought-out list of the best and most affordable mens boots for you to kick winter to the curb. 

Here are the best men’s boots for winter.

Chelsea Boots

One of the most popular boots, Chelsea boots, are very distinct and can be spotted easily with their pull-up and slip-in feature. They are known for their lack of laces or having none of it. Usually made of leather, Chelsea boots are also available in suede with smooth or textured surfaces. 

Snow Boots

Snow boots, also known as insulated winter boots, are effective in protecting from snow and cold. They usually do not have full rubber lower shells, making them less bulky and heavy. Although, they do lack behind in terms of durability compared to Pac boots. Snow boots usually have stylish detailings like faux fur cuffs, shearling linings, and more. 

Pac Boots

These winter boots have a thick rubber lower shell. The upper part is of leather or heavy-duty nylon. What makes them perfect for winter is their waterproof or water-resistant features depending on the construction. Pac boots are specifically designed to provide comfort in the harshest winter. They have a thick insulating liner, often removable, making it much easier and faster to be dried out. 

Combat Boots

Yes, we are talking about actual combat boots. These are way too cool to be ignored. They are primarily ankle-length or higher and usually laced down to the front. Known for being very comfortable, they are a perfect choice for outdoors in winter. 

Oxford Boots 

A classic choice for men, a pair of classic oxford boots is perfect for protecting you from mild winters. They are more suitable for indoor or office wear with their classic charm. Oxford boots have a closed lacing system. A perfect choice for work suits but not an ideal choice for formal clothing.

Steel-toe Boots

Steel-toe boots are perfect if you’re looking for the ultimate work boots in winter. Imagine hitting a pavement with your foot or something heavy falling on them in winter. It sounds painful, doesn’t it? 

Steel-toe boots protect your feet from any worksite hazard and withstand harsh winter winds. They are primarily available in leather or canvas construction. The leather kind will pair well with all kinds of outfits, as they are not too dressy and are perfect for establishing a super rugged style. 

Moc Toe Boots

Short for moccasin toe, Moc Toe Boots are perfect casual wear in winter. They are uniquely designed and will stand out with their U-shape toe box. They are created by stitching two pieces of leather together. Moc toe boots also have a crepe rubber sole and a wedge heel.

Duck Boots

Perfect for a rainy or snowy day, duck boots were originally designed for hunters to keep their feet dry during rain. They are ideal for outings and hiking. Complement them with khakis and chinos, and layer them with a pullover, vest, or jacket. Duck boots will be a stylish addition to your look while keeping you dry and warm. Easy to be recognized with their rubber bottom and leather upper half. The rubber sole prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces. 

Finding the right pair

With so many great choices, finding the perfect pair of affordable men’s boots is a task with all kinds of difficulties. With this great list of different types of men’s boots, you will now be able to make a better and more informed choice.