10 Menswear Essentials You Can Wear Year-Round 

Today’s best menswear features a clean and timeless look. If you want to create a stylish men’s wardrobe, there are certain essentials you’ll need in your closet. The basics you see on this list will keep you looking fresh all week long. Pick up something from every section to create an effortless yet fashionable lineup of outfits. 

10 Menswear Essentials You Can Wear Year Round 
  1. Crew Neck T-Shirts 

A fresh and clean crew neck is an attractive look for guys, with a soft and well-designed tee making an excellent foundation for an ensemble. Layer a light blue or white crew neck t-shirt in the spring or summer. Long-sleeve crews will keep you warm on cool nights. These shirts also pair well with outerwear during fall and winter. 

If you need new tees for your closet, start with a pack of black t-shirts for a rugged look. You can also go for a bundle of classic crew neck tees in white. Navy tees look great with everything from khakis to denim. Other popular men’s crew neck colors include green and garnet red. A pack of assorted colors can help you design an entirely new wardrobe. Crew necks in neutral shades like oatmeal and slate will help the rest of your outfit stand out. 

  1. Pocket Tees 

Pocket tees come with the same style and comfort as a crew neck, but add a well-positioned pocket for a fresh and detailed look. They look amazing with a pair of drawstring trousers or joggers. You’ll typically find these tees in traditional black and white, but you’ll look great in understated colors, like twilight blue or grey, that can enhance any man’s outfit.. 

A quality pocket tee looks great alone or layered with a button-down shirt. In cooler weather, they’ll match well with a hoodie or jacket. While , be sure the shirt includes thoughtful features like a side seam for a classic fit, no matter how you wear it. 

  1. V-Neck T-Shirts 

The v-neck t-shirt is a sophisticated look that instantly elevates whatever else you’re wearing. Whether you’re going to the office or dressing up for a date, you’ll feel stylish and confident in a cotton-poly fabric v-neck tee that feels soft and cool for any situation. Some of the most appealing colors for a v-neck include black and heather grey. A white v-neck is essential for any man’s closet, while shades like charcoal and olive are perfect for creating a standout outfit. 

To create a trend-forward look, begin with a v-neck in a vibrant color like brick red or sky blue. These colors add a pop of brightness to an outfit with a neutral jacket and white sneakers. Finish the outfit with a pair of slacks or denim jeans, and then accessorize with polarized wayfarer glasses for a fresh look outdoors. 

  1. Polo Shirts 

Polos are menswear essentials for any occasion. Some guys like wearing them to work with a pair of trousers or khakis. They’re great because you can wear the same soft and durable shirts to a party or while competing on the golf course. Shop for different styles to wear in other settings or buy a pack of polo shirts in classic solid colors. 

When shopping for polos, look for ones made with ladder-stitching at the sleeves and waist hems. This feature helps keep cotton-poly shirts durable. Some of the most popular polo colors for layering include navy and light blue. Emerald green and garnet red both look stunning with chinos and corduroy pants, and you’ll always make a great purchase with a polo in slate grey or black. 

  1. Henley Shirts 

Henleys are a popular style of collarless tee. With a stylish round neckline and detailed placket featuring small buttons, it’s a fresh and casual alternative to wearing polos. Like crew neck tees, you can find them in short-sleeve or long-sleeve styles. You’ll also find them in packs of different colors. Accentuate jeans and khakis with a henley in oatmeal or garnet red. They also look great in charcoal and military green. 

To build a layered look, add a men’s hoodie to an outfit with jeans. A jacket will help show off the henley shirt’s details without looking too formal. Some of the best shoes to wear with henleys include high-top sneakers or desert boots. In the summer, they match well with white pants and khaki shorts. 

10 Menswear Essentials You Can Wear Year Round 
  1. Hoodies 

Hoodies are casual and warm, making them an all-purpose option for men of different ages and lifestyles. Some of the most-loved men’s styles include zip-up hoodies, pullover hoodies, and hooded long sleeves. Tailor your hooded garments to the season by shopping for different fabrics, colors, and materials. Fleece is a warm and cozy choice, and the ultra-soft cotton-poly fabric will keep you comfortable in all types of weather. 

If you’re looking to buy a few styles, consider the classic black zip-up hoodie to go with your v-necks and crew necks. A military green hooded long sleeve offers a soft sophistication that’s versatile enough to wear while you’re hanging out at home or enjoying a night on the town. Heather grey pullover hoodies and dark red zip-up hoodies pair well with all styles of denim. They’ll also match khaki chinos or joggers. Complete the look with a clean pair of white athletic sneakers or your favorite high-tops. You can wear them with Chelsea boots or military boots in cooler weather. 

  1. Denim Jeans 

Denim jeans are always a good choice for men. If you don’t have a few pairs of well-fitting jeans in your drawers, now is the time to get some. Some guys don’t have their correct size, but you can easily measure for men’s jeans at home. All you need is a tape measure, along with a smartphone or a pen and paper to record your numbers. Having the correct waist size and inseam is vital for the perfect fit. Once you know your sizes, look for suitable styles and colors. 

Straight and slim-fit jeans look attractive on many men’s body types. If you’re searching for something fresh and new, check out bootcut and relaxed fits. Other popular styles of denim jeans for men include tapered and slim fits. Traditional colors for jeans include classic denim and dark denim. Black and grey will add depth to your closet. Experiment with olive and white or choose brown jeans to combine sophistication with ruggedness. 

  1. Button-Down Shirts 

A button-down shirt is a stylish and versatile choice for guys. You can button it halfway or leave it open on top of a crew neck shirt to create a clean and casual look. When they’re buttoned up and paired with business casual pants, it’s possible to wear your favorite styles to work. Many of these shirts come in cotton or cotton blends, but you can find warmer options with fabrics like wool and flannel. For a unique look and feel, opt for cashmere or chambray. 

Solid colors are an excellent choice when it comes to layering and matching tees and pants. If you’re looking for prints, some of the best menswear essentials include plaid and florals. Other options include stripes and dots. When wearing patterns, achieve a timeless look by going with layered neutrals.  

  1. Chino Pants 

Chino pants are a lightweight alternative to basic khaki pants for men. While they often come in a khaki color, they come available in different shades for a variety of looks. They look and feel great, making them the perfect match for short-sleeve crew necks and v-necks. They’re usually created with a twill weave, which means they look sophisticated yet feel super soft. 

You will find men’s styles in colors like gray and black. Guys also recommend navy blue and green to match button-down shirts or sweaters. If you want to make a statement in spring or summer, wear cream-colored chinos with a white jacket with a pair of fresh white sneakers. Men’s chino pants also look good with jean jackets or casual blazers. Visit Blank Label to know more about chino pants.

10 Menswear Essentials You Can Wear Year Round 
  1. Jackets 

There are so many styles of jackets for men, there’s bound to be one that works especially well for you. If you’re shopping for a fresh and classic style, narrow down your choices. Casual blazers will help you layer your look for work or a nice dinner. Denim jackets are perfect for warm weather and outdoor outfits. Other popular menswear essentials include the reversible bomber jacket and the coach jacket. 

Chore coats and field jackets are excellent for a summer evening or for designing a robust and handsome look. Add warmth and finesse to your wardrobe with an overcoat or a pea coat. Technical jackets are athletic-inspired and trend-forward, while brown leather jackets can give you a refreshing alternative to the classic black leather look. 

Creating a Fresh Look with New Menswear Essentials 

When you invest in one or more of these menswear essentials, you’re taking stylish steps  to update your look and enhance your closet. Since you can wear most of these styles anywhere, you’ll be able to create dozens of outfits without much effort. Classic men’s styles help you to make your look your own. No matter which tees and pants you choose from this list, you’re sure to feel more comfortable and confident.