A Guide to your Health and Breast Lift Surgery

In this guide, we provide details on reasons to get a breast lift, who can have a breast list, information on the surgery, recovery time, and follow-up appointments with your breast lift doctor.  Breast lift surgery in Southlake, TX, could be your best option for having the breasts you want. 

Have you been thinking of breast lift surgery? Not sure if it is for you and what it entails?  Read on for all the information you need. 

Benefits of having Breast Lift surgery

There are lots of reasons why people decide to have a breast lift, whether for medical reasons or cosmetic reasons. 

After pregnancy – Lots of women, after having a baby, find that their breasts sag and loose their shape. A breast lift can help undo this and tighten up the area to make them look as good as they did before you had a baby. 

After weight loss – When losing a lot of weight, it is perfectly normal to lose a lot of the shape and definition of the breasts. With breast lift surgery, this can be reversed and give you fuller breasts after surgery. 

Enlarging breasts – After puberty, many women are unhappy with their breast size and feel they are flat-chested.  With breast lift surgery, you can choose the type of breasts you want and, after the surgery, have the confidence you have always wanted. 

Types of Breast Lifts 

There are many types of breast lifts available, and for more information and advice on the best one for you, your doctor or consultant will discuss this at your pre-operation appointment. 

Information on the Consultation

Ever wondered what to expect when you have decided to take the next step and have breast lift surgery?  Your consultant will have lots to discuss with you.  Below are some of the details that they will cover at this appointment. 

  • Reasons why you want to have plastic surgery
  • If you have any current medical conditions 
  • Drug allergies 
  • Any drug, tobacco, or alcohol use
  • Have you had any other previous surgeries
  • History of breast cancer in your family

There will be other information and questions your consultant will have, but these are the main things to expect at your first appointment. 

Duration of the surgery

The surgery will take 3 hours minimum and will be done within the day. It is a very quick procedure. 

Appointment Follow Ups 

You will be expected to attend check-ups several times during the next few months.  Also, it is highly recommended that you have regular yearly checkups on your new breasts. 


It will be rough for the first few days after your surgery, so expect a lot of pain and swelling, which should ease within the first two-three weeks.  Your consultant will discuss appropriate pain relief before you are able to leave.  It is expected that you can go back to work within 4-5 days as it takes a few days for your breasts to settle and get used to your body.