How to Spot Fake Jordan 11s: What to Keep Your Eye On

Counterfeit goods are so commonplace these days, and the replication of goods is so exact that detecting a fake has become something of a work of art. Sneakers, in particular, have caught the eye of counterfeiters for the longest time, and they have become exceptionally good at creating fakes that mimic the real thing almost to a tee. 

The world’s top sneaker brands have all been counterfeit before and are to this day. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma have all been victim to these tricky back alley dealers. 

That is why this guide is here to help you identify any fake Jordan 11s that you may come across on the streets. Armed with this essential knowledge and a keen eye for detail, you are well on your way to spotting a fake. 

The Shoe Box

Staring at the beginning is always a good place, and the shoe box is that place. Counterfeiters struggle to make exact replicas of the shoe box because of the build, color, print legibility and alignment, and the overall quality.

The strong build, precise details, and clear prints are surefire indicators of the real deal. By looking at these aspects first, you can take the first step in preventing buying a fake. 

The Shine

It is because of the genuine leather that is used on the patented leather parts that raises the level of the Jordan shoe. The reflective surfaces highlight the premium quality of the materials that are used. Counterfeits fail to get the same shine and luster from the lower-quality materials that they use. 

The Tongue Label

Checking the tongue label is essential to determining a real from a fake. Real pairs contain a well-made label with the details clearly printed on it. Keep an eye out for the style of font, the layout of the print, and the spacing used. The label shows key information such as size, production date, and the country of origin. 

A fake shoe, more often than not, fails to meet these exciting standards of design, clearly highlighting the differences between the two. Tongue labels can even be compared against others of the same brand to check the layout and printing. 

The Jumpman Logo

Crucial to determining a real from a fake, the Jumpman logo is the standout of the shoe, kinda like the Nike swoosh sign. Genuine Jordan’s have the logo on both the tongue and the heel, both matching the genuine standards. The real shape is a precise, high-quality embroidery logo without a single flaw. 

Fake logos are usually poorly made logos. Uneven stitching and misshaped jumping men are definite signs of a fake. By examining the logo details, you are sure to be able to tell if it is a fake or not. 

Verifying a real from a fake takes a little knowledge and a fine eye for detail. By taking the time to thoroughly examine the shoe before you buy it, you are sure to find the real deal.