A Modern vs. Vintage Watch: What to Buy?

Both modern and vintage watches tend to be competitors when it comes to introducing some sparkle into the outfit of the wearer. They are beautiful to look at, function smoothly as long as you buy from the right dealer and can stand the test of time. This makes it tough for most people to choose between the two options.

A Modern vs. Vintage Watch: What to Buy?

Vintage watches tend to come tied with a backstory which happens to be a great way for starting a conversation with other watch lovers. On the other hand, modern watches tend to move with the current trend, and some might argue that wearing one might portray you as a fashion-forward watch enthusiast. Luckily, this article is here to help make the choice easier.

Here is a deep comparison between the two:

What’s Your Style?

A watch is almost always the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to completing your everyday style. Since different people tend to have different tastes, there is no universal suggestion of a style of watch that will work for everyone. It all trickles down to your preferences, and the watch buying guide by Prowatches.com could direct you when looking to buy a watch with an inclination to your career.

A vintage watch is a great choice for people who love to add a vintage vibe to their daily outfits. In case you have an eye for most things vintage and antique, then this is the watch for you. Be sure to look into the name of the manufacturer and the state of the watch before making a purchase.

On the other hand, an individual who loves to keep up with the current trends in modern fashion will do well with a modern watch. In case you happen to have a lot of new, classy suits or even casual attire, you will always find a modern watch that will complement your outfits. What makes modern watches more inviting is that some of them might mimic the look of vintage watches, but they lack the rich backstory that the latter has.

The Reliability of the Timepiece

The last thing any watch enthusiast wants is to repair their watch frequently. While both options tend to be quite reliable, vintage watches might call for a little bit more maintenance than their modern counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean that vintage watches break down easily since manufacturers aim to make watches that stand the test of time.

The watches might require constant replacement of parts which can be too costly to some watch buyers. For those who can afford the constant maintenance, it will be only but a small price to pay for the rich backstory the watch carries. On the other hand, modern timepieces are made using modern technology which lowers their chances of breaking down. In some cases, the only thing that you might require to replace in a modern watch is its battery every once in a while.

Ease of Repair

Most vintage watches have been around for decades with some dating back even before world war two. This means that it might be tough to find the repair parts for some of them. In some situations, you might find the replacement parts only to lack any repair professional experienced enough to deal with a watch that dates many years behind, but this is not the case all the time. Furthermore, some enthusiasts tend to warn against restoring vintage watches, as noted on Quillandpad.com.

On the other hand, the repair parts of modern watch pieces can be found almost everywhere. It is equally as easy to find the replacement parts as it is to find a professional to repair them. In most cases, you might only have to take the watch back to where you bought it to get it fixed.

What Features Does The Watch Have?

Modern watches are far more advanced in terms of features than vintage ones. While traditional manufacturers tried to protect their watches from magnetic fields, their technology is nothing compared to how advanced today’s is. Some of these historic timepieces aren’t as waterproof as today’s pieces.

This means that you will have to be extra careful going closer to water and magnetic fields when wearing these watches. Additionally, some might need to be wound mechanically which can put off some enthusiasts. Watch movement in the case of the modern watches ranges from quartz to kinetic powered watches.

So, Why Invest In Vintage Watches?

A Modern vs. Vintage Watch: What to Buy?

All the points above seem to be against vintage watches, mainly because they have stood the test of time, but they do not lack points that are in their favor. First of all, vintage watches are known to be stylish, and the story behind them easily complement their style even more. Most are pretty rare which means that you will be wearing a unique timepiece. Vintage watches also tend to be a little bit cheaper than their modern counterparts.


The watch you choose depends on your preference. If you are buying with a low maintenance option in mind, the safer choice would be the modern watches. On the flip side, vintage watches are the best option when looking to widen your collection or add some style to your outfits.