Accidental Icon-The Oldest Fashion Blogger Is Killing It In The Fashion World

Ever wondered how would you dress up when you get old? A pretty hard question i guess. If you think that style is not so important as the years go on, wait until you see this lady. You would love to be like her. Age is just a number. And style is not reserved only for the young ones. You will be surprised to see a 63-year-old lady killing it in the fashion world. Read on and find out more about this stylish lady,known as the “Accidental Icon” that became so  famous!

Lyn Slater, known as the “Accidental Icon” is a famous fashion blogger. But the thing that makes her special is that she is 63 years old. Her blog offers urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic, while living an ordinary life. Being comfortable about who she is, this lady is rocking her outfits with confidence. And we must admit that her style amazes us with it’s originality.

How did she become “Accidental Icon” ?

When  New York City Fashion Week was going on, Lyn was outside Lincoln Center waiting for a friend for lunch. Her amazing outfit, featuring a Yohji Yamamoto suit and  a Chanel bag draw all the attention. Photographers and journalists went crazy. They have thought that Lyn is a famous person involved in fashion. They laughed together with her friend about being an accidental icon. And at that moment, the new idea was born. That name was perfect for starting a fashion blog.

This lady expresses herself via her stylish outfits. The most interesting thing is that she does not put herself anywhere as an old person. And she has become the ultimate “life goal” for every woman that is her fan. Seems like Accidental Icon is killing it in the fashion world. Check out the rest of her amazing outfits!

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