Be Careful:Never Put These Beauty Products On Your Face

Do you know that some beauty products can cause problems if applied to the face? I want to make sure that you won’t make a mistake. Don’t miss this post!

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There are so many different face products on the market. Yet, we sometimes try to substitute them with other products. The truth is that each product is specially made for a specific part of the body, as the name indicates. And you should not experiment with your face skin. It is so gentle and vulnerable, and your innocent trick can end up with acne breakout. After reading this post, you will never think about applying hair spray or body lotion on your face.

Hair shampoo

Your shampoo can’t double as a face wash. Never try to do this. You will end up with overly dry and flakey skin. The thing is that shampoos are not that gentle for the face. They will strip the skin from the natural oils and make it feel tight.

Hair spray

Here is another hair product that you shouldn’t apply to your face. You have probably heard that you can use it instead of your usual makeup setting spray. But, you really don’t want to do this. There is a reason why the product is a hair spray, not a face spray. It can contain alcohol and other harsh chemicals that will dry your skin.

Foot cream

If you run out of your favorite face moisturizer, you might be tempted to try other products. And the foot cream is not the tube that you want to reach during tough times. Foot creams are not suitable for the gentle skin on the face. They have a rich formula that can clog the pores. Also, they might contain some chemical peeling ingredients to fight the dead skin cells.

Body cream

Avoid this one for the face too. The skin on the body and face is different. The rich formula of the body cream can clog your pores and make your skin greasy. Hurry up to the store to get your usual moisturizer. Or, take scissors and cut the tube. You will be surprised that there is enough for a few applies.

Coconut oil

You might have read that coconut oil has antibacterial properties, which sounds like the perfect healing for acne. But, you should stop right there. Coconut oil is very greasy and will clog your pores. Use it only for extremely dry skin areas such as lips or elbows. Don’t apply the coconut oil all over the face.