Beautiful Hips With Brazilian Butt Lift

Narrow and wide hips are quite popular among women in recent years. This hip shape is called the Brazilian butt as it is more common in Latin countries. It is not a disadvantage not to have Brazilian hips, which contributes to the body looking more shapely. Thanks to today’s developing aesthetic methods, you can have these hips with simple operations. Among the methods used by those who want to have Brazilian buttocks, the Brazilian Butt Lift is quite popular. Since the English name of the method is Brazilian Butt Lift, the shortening BBL, which is the initials of these words, can also be encountered.

How is BBL Operation Done?

For those who will apply to the Brazilian butt lift for hips that are more compatible with the body and have an aesthetic appearance, it is a matter of curiosity how this application is done. This method basically consists of two stages. In the first stage; The fat tissues to be used as filling material in the hip are taken from the areas with excess fat. For this, liposuction is applied. Small incisions are made in places where fat accumulation is high, such as the waist , abdomen and hips, and small tubes are placed in them. Thanks to the back and forth movement of these tubes, the loosening of the integrated fats is ensured. Finally, the decomposing fats are removed by surgical vacuum or syringes placed in tubes. In order to avoid a feeling of pain during the application, local anaesthesia  is used.

The second stage of the Brazilian butt lift operation consists of purifying the fat taken in the first stage and injecting it into the hips. The amount of fat used at this stage is usually one-third of the amount of fat taken. In the injection process, the fats are attached to a cannula and injected into the hip piece by piece through this cannula. After the completion of the BBL operation, recovery is observed  between approximately 3 weeks and 1 month. In this process, sports that involve excessive activity and the issues that the doctor who performs the operation draws attention to should be avoided.

Is Butt Aesthetic Operation Permanent?

In Brazilian butt lift application, non-melting fat cells taken from different parts of the body and injected into the hips can maintain their permanence for many years. This makes the operation more permanent. However, over time, twenty percent of these fats can melt. Melting fats lead to deterioration of the shape of the hips. However, with simple injections to be redone, the same beauty of the hips can be preserved. Thanks to the fact that butt lift operations do not affect the quality of life much and are a painless procedure, small reinforcements can be easily made. In addition, gaining and losing weight situations play an important role in maintaining the shape of the hip. In this process, it is advisable to avoid gaining and losing excess weight.

More Shaped Hips with Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital 

For women who want to have more shaped hips, buttocks augmentation with the Brazilian method is a good option. However, in order to achieve the expected effect from this procedure, to plan the injection well and to carry out the controls correctly, it is necessary to pay attention to who performs the operation. Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, which started its activities in 2016 with a service understanding based on patient satisfaction, is the right service of butt aesthetics with its expert staff. With Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital,  which has been serving many patients at home and abroad since the day it was founded, you can also have more shaped hips.