Pros and cons of getting married in college

Getting married in college: a great idea or the biggest mistake?

Marriage is a very important decision which not all couples have the courage to take even in their 30s and 40s, not mentioning those who are still in college. It is a very sensitive matter now as people no longer marry young. The social norms state that you should first graduate, find a job, make a career and only then think about settling down as you will be mature enough both mentally and financially. However, love is powerful and sometimes you want to go against these norms by getting married in college. 

Will it be a wise idea or maybe it`s better to wait until graduation?

How marriage in college affects your further life

In college students usually have no time for socializing and dating: they study, learn languages, do homework, research, write essays on their own or with college paper help, make reports and do many other useful things. But if they do meet someone, it is natural to start a romantic relationship that (if taken seriously) may lead to the wedding. Let`s discover the key pros and cons of marriage being a student that can help you get your thoughts in order before making such an important decision.

The pros:

1.   True feelings. If you marry someone in college, it means that you do love this person and love is the only reason to get married. Such factors as money and getting old do not impact your decision. These relationships are usually long-lasting and end up in a healthy marriage;

2.       Discounts. Being students, you can count on some bonus from your college in regards to your wedding. As there is no breadwinner and you both can only work part-time, your institution may support you financially. Usually, you receive discounts on your tuition or accommodation;

3.       Experience. If you get married at such an early age, you will be passing all your important life stages with your partner which will strengthen your relationship;

4.       Support. College studies can be stressful and exhausting and having someone near you to understand your difficulties and encourage work more is priceless. Being married, you always have your best friend nearby, you take care of each other and become better together;

5.   Planning. Many students don`t take their future seriously and enjoy the moment in college. When you are married, you are responsible not only for yourself but for your little family, so you need to make plans in advance to have a better start after graduation.

The cons:

1.   Experience. Being married in college means you would have completely different experience compared to your group mates: no parties and trips with strangers, no hanging out with the opposite sex, no dates, no hookups, no freedom, less time for yourself, no fun college years as they are pictured in movies;

2.       Pregnancy. Of course, it can happen to anyone not only married people but in this case, your chances increase. Pregnancy means the baby (abortion is not an option) and it leads to breaking the studying process for the mother and more responsibility and expenses for the father which may end up in leaving college and starting a family;

3.       Space. Sometimes having a few minutes in loneliness after a hard day in college is everything you need. Being married, you are not likely to have this time as your partner will be always near you, all day, all night…you know;

4.   Family reaction. It may become not easy to convince your parents that your feelings are serious and this marriage is necessary. Their disapproval may lead to stress, scandals, and whatnot.

College is always associated with fun and freedom, and having a life partner may change the situation to both positive and negative sides. Before you decide to get married, ask yourself:

–          Is my decision just mine or my opinion was influenced by my friends or relatives?

–          Are we emotionally and financially mature for this?

–          Will it impact my studies and future career?

–          Whose degree will be more important and why?

Be honest with yourself and your partner and consider all options choosing the one that will make you happy.