Christmas Nail Design Ideas

Christmas is here and you can feel it all around you. The season goes by quickly, so celebrate now with Christmas-themed manicures. There are many ways to make your fingertips dazzle with holiday cheer. Read on and enjoy this 4 Christmas nail design ideas!
1. Glitter
Glitter can top any colour you are already wearing. Pair it with your favourite colours or wear it on your bare nails. Sizes of glitter in polishes range from tiny to chunky. This gives you choices. Would you rather have a shimmery effect or large shiny bits that catch the eye? You can even layer coats of different kinds of glitter to get a custom effect.

2. Stamping
Kits like this one allow you to stamp a nail polish design onto your nail. Choose from patterns and images to express your Christmas cheer. By stamping one nail polish colour on top of another, you can have endless fun playing with colour combinations. You can stamp green over red, or vice versa. A gold stamped over light pink is pretty and understated. Paint your nails a shade of blue and stamp them with snowflake designs.

  1. Accent Nail
    Many people like to sport the accent nail. This is design is a one-nail painted a different colour/design than the rest. People typically do this with the ring finger, but you can accent any nail you wish, or accent multiple nails on your hand. You could even paint each nail a different colour or design. You are limited only by your imagination.4. Nail Wraps

You can forgo liquid polish entirely and apply nail wraps. Christmas designs like these are available for purchase. Follow the instructions provided with the nail wraps to get quick, fun designs on your nails. They are durable and easy to use. Nail wraps are a good option for you if you find painting your nails tedious. People enjoy the long wear time of nail wraps, so they may not be your first choice if you like to change your nails every other day. Their sturdiness will allow you to enjoy a nail design for an extended period of time.

These are just a few things you can do to dress your nails up for Christmas. Any of these designs will look great if you wear strappy sandals or peep-toe wedges. It is truly the best time of year to make them stand out with fun colours and sparkle.