Clothing Etiquette When Attending A Wedding

Weddings are one of the most significant day anyone can have. It’s a life change, one-time big event rite. The worst thing a guest can do that may ruin it for a couple is to commit faux pas in the ceremony. One particular faux pas that can easily be spotted in the event is the clothing etiquette mistakes. Some benevolent guests can fall as a victim and turn from a plain well-wisher to a bad rep.

People have the freedom to choose their own clothing style. Clothing is defined as a way to express individuality. But for some moments in our life, it doesn’t hurt to follow certain rules to show respect for ceremonies like a holy matrimony. If you find yourself, unaware of etiquettes for clothing in a wedding then let me guide you out of the ordeal of wedding etiquette.

Don’t wear white

The whole rite is focused on the couple, and the star of the night is the bride. White, ivory or champagne is the most common color of choice of a bride gown. Avoid wearing this color to put you on the safe side unless it is requested by the bride. Save you white dress for a white party event.

Stick To The dress code

Most of the time, couples specify the dress code for their wedding. You as a guest need to heed to their request and wear attire that fits the dress code. You do not need to go full on with the dress code. As simple as being color conscious with your cloth is enough of a respect for the rules. If you happen to have a child with you, make sure he or she is also following the dress code. If kids don’t cover the dress code, avoid black and favor neutral color dresses instead.

Don’t steal the attention

You can steal attention in a wedding for a number of reasons. One is not keeping your phone in silent mode. Many phone calls have ruined the tranquility a wedding. Can you imagine your phone ringing in middle of vow exchange? Another cause for stealing attention is wearing extravagant outfits. If you happen to be a fashion forward individual, calm yourself down. It is not your day. Additionally, refrain from wearing skimpy dresses. Wear appropriate accessories and don’t flash your assets. The golden rule is to keep the attention on the couple.

Be aware of the location

There are different choices of venues for a wedding like beach, church and garden. Familiarize yourself with the venue. You do not want to wear high-heels while walking and standing in the beach. Also, try to be informed about the weather or climate on the wedding day. A sleeveless dress is perfect for a sunny day.

Ask questions if you’re not sure

Always read the invitation. Couples usually include important information in their invitation card like the venue, date, time, seating and the dress code. If there is no indication of the dress code, then determining the venue of the ceremony can give you an idea about the kind of wedding you are going to attend. And you can decide what to wear from there. If you are still not sure about something, never be afraid to ask question or clarification. The organizer will appreciate this kind of gesture.

In the end, the wedding clothing etiquette does not stop you from being you. It is understandable that clothing is a form of self-expression but be sure not to overstep your boundary and disrespect a ceremony. It is all about finding the balance of being you and respecting the couple.