Common Long Beach Wedding Mishaps And How To Handle Them

Weddings are meant to be memorable and romantic. You can plan everything to the last detail, but something will probably go wrong. Of course, you don’t want to be dealing with big mishaps that ruin your great day. The key is ensuring potential problems are handled, and the smallest details are taken care of.

Common Long Beach Wedding Mishaps And How To Handle Them

If you live in or around Long Beach, California and you’re planning a wedding, always be ready to handle incidents calmly to avoid making them worse. Here are some of the common wedding mishaps you should know and how to handle them.

The Wedding Aisle Stumble

Tripping down the aisle is a common wedding mishap. Here, we usually think of the bride. In reality, any member of wedding party could fumble on their feet and trip. The last thing you want is a distraction or embarrassment on your special day.

To prevent this, make sure your aisle is sturdy enough with no lumps or bumps. If indeed, a stumble occurs, be prepared to shake it off but if someone gets injured their safety should come first.

Misbehaving Kids

Your ring bearer removes his shoes and starts throwing them at guests, your flower girl refuses to walk down the aisle or kids start having their own play day during your wedding.

Ask their parents to handle the situation. When kids are misbehaving, let them be and avoid forcing their participation. Make a wise judgment call quickly depending on the situation at hand, just in the same way you would handle portable toilets issues with a plumbing company, such as, if something unexpected happens.

Missing Rings

You picked the right best-man, possibly your long-time best friend, but in all the excitement of the day ahead, he forgot the wedding rings.

If the mishap is caught early, you can get someone to rush and get them. However, in most cases, the mishap is realized when the entire bridal party is ready for the vows. One of the bridal members can slip out to retrieve the rings, the wedding has to go on.

Take a few deep breathes, let the officiant know of the situation quietly and have them proceed. It may seem odd, but remember this is your special day and do your best to feel out the best of the moment.

Emotions Getting The Better Of You

You get to the altar, and then you start to sweat, your nerves kick in, and before you know it, you feel the tears coming. While it’s normal to shed a few tears, crying too much can be a distraction.

If you know your spouse cries or sweats easily, have the necessities ready. In case you feel dizzy, let your partner know and sit down for a bit and drink some water.

Forgot To Bring Your Wedding Vows

It could be you or your partner, or even both of you: you forgot your hand-written vows. The morning of the wedding can be pretty much hectic. If you’re nearing that point of saying your vows and realize you forgot yours, don’t panic.

It’s not hard to create a few honest and heartfelt vows on the spot. Don’t think too hard. You can even mention you forgot the vows, and include some light-hearted laughter and fun at the moment.

Every Small Detail Matters

It’s always best to communicate with your partner and the wedding planner about every small detail to avoid mishaps. Mistakes do happen but how you handle them is what matters most.