How to Create the Perfect Fashion Lookbook

A look book is the fashionista’s equivalent of a writer’s portfolio. With a lookbook, you can show your favorite outfits and keep track of your style transformation through the years. It also lets you reach out to other people who share your love for fashion and inspire others to recreate the look you made.

Look books are not just for personal use, though. If you sell clothes online, then it can help you showcase and promote your business to potential customers. Photographers can also use this medium as a catalog to showcase their skills and services to possible clients.  

If it’s your first time to create a lookbook, then follow these tips to create the perfect one for your business or personal use.

Take Time to Conceptualize

The internet is filled with lookbooks, and you need to be creative if you want yours to stand out and catch the attention of people. Take time to think about your personal style and what you are trying to achieve with your look book. Do you want it to promote your business, or do you want to use it simply as a medium for self-expression?

Browse the internet for style blogs, fashion websites, and even online stores that can give you the inspiration you need for conceptualizing. Brainstorm and collaborate closely with your photographer so you are both on the same page.

Make the Look Stand Out

The main purpose of the look book is to showcase the look you created, and this can include the model’s clothes, accessories, bags, and even hair and makeup. That said, make sure to put the focus on the items you are trying to showcase. Position the product or products so that they are front and center.

Remove any distracting items from the background, or if you have the time or budget, pick a location for the photo shoot that will give you a clean and neutral backdrop.

Ensure Great Image Quality

Image quality is important if you want your look book to be engaging and professional-looking. Nobody wants to stare at a photo with a blurry product or an image that is too pixelated to make sense. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy expensive cameras and lighting equipment to achieve great image quality.

You can simply be resourceful and creative. For example, if you want to take warm and magical-looking photos, take advantage of natural light and the so-called golden hour, which takes place shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the sun is highest in the sky.

Engage Your Viewers

Look books are a great way for you connect and collaborate with other fashionistas around the world. There are different ways to make your lookbook more eye-catching and engaging. For instance, tell a short but captivating story about the inspiration behind the look.

You can also share valuable information such as tips on where viewers can shop similar items or how to achieve the model’s makeup and hair. The trick is to invest time and effort in each look so that it captures your personal style and vision.

Practice Makes Perfect

Creating a lookbook can be daunting especially for first-timers with little experience taking photographs. But don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself. Be confident and embrace your unique personal style. With constant practice and dedication, you’ll be able to make your look book stand out from the rest.