15 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Purse

1. Compact Mirror

Compact mirrors are important because making a solid first impression is important, and technically we all make first impressions every day. We all see someone new each day we are outside of the house and looking put-together is a necessity. Compact mirrors are small and easy to throw into a purse and pull out when you have a spare moment to check yourself out. What’s so bad about that? Check yourself out, go ahead, admire!

15 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Purse

2. Something to Write On and a Pen

You never know when you will need to write down someone’s information. Networking is important to get ahead in this world, and having a pen and paper is the first step to connecting.

3. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are never attractive and do not feel good either. When lips eventually split that is extremely painful and taking good care of your lips is simple and feels nice. Plus, some lip balms smell nice or have tints to them, too!

4. Hair Tie, Pins, Small Hair Brush

Having a bad hair day and discovering halfway through the day that your hair is uncontrollable, perhaps right before an interview or an important meeting, can be disastrous. Having bobby pins and/or a hair-tie handy is smart because a quick up-do can look like you spent hours doing it. A hot mess of hair can easily be tamed with a quick brush and a spray of leave-in conditioner. Buy travel sizes of your favorite hair products and keep them on hand.

5. Safety Pin/Sewing Kit

Wardrobe malfunctions are not okay. Safety pins can easily hold together a shirt that is gaping open or pants with a button that has popped off. Not only are wardrobe malfunctions inappropriate, they are just unsightly. Sewing kits are useful to have on hand in case a hem falls or something rips and can quickly be fixed. It is worth being better safe than sorry in this case. Sewing kits can be tiny and fit perfectly in a purse pocket.

6. Breath Mints

No one wants smell bad breath, plain and simple. Let people listen to what you are saying and not be distracted by how gross your breath is. Plus, they taste nice.

7. Cash

Just in case something happens! Always have cash on hand if for some reason a card cannot be used or you lose your wallet. Money always helps people stay prepared for any situation.

8. Business Card

Whether you are employed, unemployed, or just do not believe you hold a job position that should have a business card, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Just have something with your name, email and whatever other contact information you may want to provide and the position you do hold. Business cards are fantastic for first impressions and help with connecting just like a pen and paper.

9. Perfume

Just like mints can help with bad breath, perfume can help with body odor. Body odor is extremely off-putting and should be contained at all costs. If you need to keep deodorant in your purse, too, so be it. Perfume and deodorant come in travel sizes, so they do not take up too much room.

10. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes when you are out and about and look even more fashionable than you did before you put them on!

11. Nail File

Nails that look completely out of shape can make a bad impression on some, and it does not take much to make them look acceptable. Even if you just want to cut them down and paint a clear coat that is better than them being long and jagged. Neutral light colors of nail polish are appropriate, too.

12. Hand Cream

Dry skin does not feel good when someone shakes your hand. Stay moisturized for yourself and the benefit of others! Soft skin is better than rough, dry skin.

13. Face Wipes

If you are always on the go, face wipes are an excellent choice for you. Having wet wipes is also great to freshen up in a quick step. Cleaning up a little bit with a wet wipe before an event or just to feel better is worth it. Smelling and looking beautiful is once again the mantra here.

14. Hand Sanitizer

Stay healthy! Kill the germs with hand sanitizer and make sure you do not get the latest bug that’s going around. Sometimes washing your hands is not a possibility, and you never know how gross your hands might get.

15. Tide to Go

Spills are such a problem! The one day you wear white to work is when you will spill or accidentally write on your clothes. Having a Tide-To-Go pen handy is a massive asset and can save clothing from staining forever.

By utilizing the fifteen listed items, you’ll never have to worry about doing without. Purses that are equipped with all of these items are jam-packed full of uses and will help in sticky situations. Get prepared for anything and everything and pack up those purses!





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