Dressing Tips That Can Help Hide Man Boobs

Many reasons can cause man boobs or gynecomastia. It could be hormonal imbalance, specific medications, aging, or an underlying medical condition. Having man boobs can be a devastating condition for any man and can have adverse psychological effects if not treated. Men who suffer from gynecomastia isolate themselves from crowds due to embarrassment and self-consciousness about their body image.

Dressing Tips That Can Help Hide Man Boobs

If your ‘man boobs’ are caused by excess weight, it’s not technically gynecomastia but a condition known as pseudogynecomastia. The good news is that with pseudogynecomastia, there’s no breast tissue, just excess fat, and you don’t need surgery but liposuction or exercises like push-ups, chest press, or bench press.

During the process of waiting for surgery or trying to lose excess fat, your life shouldn’t stop, and you still need to attend those parties, beach parties, or social gatherings. Here are some dressing tips to help you maintain your confidence and dress down your man boobs.

Wearing compression shirts

To help flatten things, you can purchase a compression shirt or vest from https://www.confidencebodywear.com/product/gynecomastia-compression-shirt/. When you wear the shirts every day, they will be a huge confidence booster and allow you to go on with things as usual. They can also be worn after surgery to help with the healing process and help your body get accustomed to the new contoured shape. 

Compression shirts are an affordable way to help you get rid of man boobs instantly. Although they are a temporary solution, they help hide your enlarged breasts from onlookers and can really boost your self-esteem. You can wear them under your suit when going to work. Also, some can be worn at the beach and even underwater. Ensure that you choose the right fit for you, and one that’s made from quality breathable material because you’ll be wearing them for long hours.

Clothes to help you hide man boobs

Best patterns and colors

  • Wear dark colors. Dark-colored clothing always has a slimming down effect. They help cut down the contrast between your shirt color and the surrounding light, allowing you to hide the telltale signs and shadows that may show your chest’s shape. Black or charcoal grey is a perfect color for most social occasions.
  • Wear small patterns or avoid patterns altogether. Small patterns can contour and hide your chest area, while big patterns will highlight and draw attention to your man boobs. 
  • Wear shirts with vertical stripes as the v line echoes a masculine silhouette and creates a thin, streamlined profile. Horizontal stripes, polka dots that fall around your nipple area, contrasting breast panels, boxes, and grids are a major style no-no if you want to hide your man boobs. 

Best clothes

  • Avoid baggy clothes because they make things worse.
  • Wear woven clothes and avoid knits, as knits tend to hug your curves.
  • Wear thick textured fabrics like canvas, denim, leather, wool, and anything that doesn’t crease and is wrinkle-resistant is a safe bet. Heavier materials won’t drape lightly over your chest area; they give out a ‘smoothed’ look over your chest area. 

These style hacks will help boost your confidence as you find ways to permanently get rid of your man boobs.