Dressy Outfits With Graphic Tee That Will Inspire You

Need inspiration for some dressy outfits with graphic tee? I have some really nice ideas to share with you ladies. Graphic tees might be your go-to piece for the moments when you don’t know what to wear. And they are one of the basics that you should own in your wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear a graphic tee. Hurry up and get inspired!

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Eye-catchy print and heels

Don’t have time to put up an outfit? An interesting print will get you out of trouble. Even with your usual everyday jeans, this outfit will look bomb. Add a few accessories and heels, and your outfit is all ready to go.

Bold colour and black and white pattern

Have at least one tee with bold colour and a simple print. It can e paired with any bottom that has a black and white print. Take this outfit as a good example of what to do.

Simple skater skirt and clutch

If you need to put up a nice dressy outfit in a hurry, save this option. Your basic skater skirt will look a lot better now.

Minimalist print and fun pattern

Don’t have any idea on how to wear that skirt with a  specific print? These examples clearly show that this is very easy. If you own one white tee with a minimalist graphic print.


Minimalist print and layered neutrals

The good thing about graphic tees is that they can add visual interest, without being overwhelming. A White tee with simple print can be worn with any neutral colour scheme that you pick. Layer with neutrals to get the best effect.

Mix textures

Think about how can textures bring style to your outfit. In this example, you will see a lace skirt and a distressed denim jacket. It is a street style favourite that you can copy.

Wear a blazer

Adding structure will always make your outfit look dressy. Wear any tee of your choice together with your basic blazer. It looks like the easy and effortless outfit that you can wear anywhere.

Tulle skirt and pearls

Tulle skirts can look so edgy and elegant. wear them with your graphic tee and a beaded necklace. Any other large and chunky necklace can do the trick too.


Coat and ankle boots

Don’t avoid the tee just because of its cold. Wear it with a camel coat and a pair of Chelsea boots for a warm and cute outfit.