How To Look Put Together In Only 5 Minutes

Don’t have time but you still want to look put together? I have some nice tips to share with you ladies. You don’t need much time to do this. All you need is to check these tricks. For example, putting on red lipstick can instantly make you look and feel stylish. It is quick and easy and will change the way you feel too. There are other things that you can do in 5 minutes. Read on and check all of them!

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Red lips

If you want to lift up your look instantly, then red lips are your way to go. Apply a nice shade that looks good on your skin tone. It will add style to any outfit that you wear.

Low bun and sunglasses

Whenever you feel like you don’t look put together, take advantage of this trick. A good pair of sunglasses can instantly improve your look. Add a low bun to that, and your posh look is all ready.

Wear jeans

Always wear jeans for casual events. Don’t ever let yourself go out with leggings. Jeans will define your body and make you look put together. It will look like you made an effort to look great.

Blazers are your friend

There is something special about that fitting blazer. It can instantly turn any look into a stylish outfit. Even a pair of basic jeans can become the ultimate posh outfit. Make sure that you own at least one blazer. I would recommend a classic black tailored blazer. As an addition, you can get a bold blazer that will add style to your outfits. Think of a unique design or a plaid pattern as an easy way to create a good outfit.

Switch sneakers with ballerinas

Sneakers are so comfy, so you would pick them for your daily outfits. But, keep in mind that they will look too casual. But, there is one trick to solve this. Instead, wear a pair of good ballerina flats. They will look stylish and feminine and are a better option rather than sneakers.

Wear a nice dress

If you don’t have time to pay attention to your look, wear a dress. Women will always look and feel good when wearing their favourite dress. You can find some good and comfortable options for everyday wearing. Putting on a dress won’t take you much time and effort, but you will look stylish.

Wear scarf

Even in you wear a basic outfit, you can look stylish if you put a nice scarf. It will add a nice layer and texture to your overall outfit. On the other hand, it will keep you warm during the winter.