Elegant Outfit Ideas by Alina from My Silk Fairytale

Hey my beautiful ladies! In today’s post I will show you 15 elegant fashion combinations worn by Alina Filipescu. So scroll down if you want to know more about Alina, and of course to see the collection of 15 elegant looks that I have chosen for you.

Alina Filipescu is a Romanian girl from Bucharest, and she is the owner of the fashion blog My Silk Fairytale. She started her blog in the summer of 2011, and even though her style has evolved a lot, even back then you could tell she is very stylish and elegant girl. She studied Public Relations and Communication, but she’s been working as a manager at her mother’s Beauty Salon for many years. At the beginning of 2013, she’s started her own online shop called Luxury Beauty. Luxury Beauty offers a wide range of professional luxury beauty and haircare products. Also she started designing and producing her own clothes.

Timeless Lace

New Beginning


 Alina calls her blog a diary in which she expresses her love for fashion. She has a figure every girl would envy, being 1.78cm with perfect measurements, and she looks amazing in absolutely everything she wears. She always looks classy and elegant, most of the time in her own designs, since she creates beautiful tops, skirts, and dresses according to her taste, in many different colors, which you can find through her blog, tagged as My Silk Fairytale collection. When it comes to makeup, her makeup routine is always the same: eye cream, face cream, foundation, a little translucent powder, eyeliner and lipstick, since recently. A few months ago, she only wore lip balm. She never wears mascara, either. Check out the rest of her elegant outfits below and make sure to follow her on her blog and social networks.


Red Blooded Woman

Pink Blossom

Double Volume

Kissed by the Sun

Rose Petal


Simple Pleasures

Still Obsessed

Powdery Pink Ballerina Skirt

Match Made in Heaven

After Hours


I truly hope that you liked Alina’s elegant outfits ideas, that they can help you out and even inspire you. What do you think about her looks? Who is the next fashion icon you would like to know more about? Let me know in the comment section below! Thank you for reading and commenting! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up for more next time!