Fabulous 2015 Bridal Collection by Giuseppe Papini

Hey my beautiful ladies and future brides! Today I will present you the Fabulous 2015 Bridal Collection by Giuseppe Papini in order to help you find your dream wedding dress for your big wedding day.

The Italian designer Giuseppe Papini began his career as a designer operating with popular Italian brands, such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Fontana Couture. Soon after meeting Valentina Mazzoni he decided to focus on his own wedding dress collections. So, Giuseppe Panini has been creating beautiful and elegant wedding gowns for over 10 years.

His designs are romantic, timeless and very modern. Simple cut dress, thanks to a few details, turns into an incredibly beautiful and unique wedding dress. Volume bow at the waist and an interesting addition bodice dress, something between an elegant bolero and strict collar make the wedding dresses from Giuseppe Papini so unique. Delicate fabrics adorns the delicate silhouettes of dresses, and interesting draping and wide ribbons emphasize the shape of the bride. As you can see this new 2015 bridal collection has a little bit of everything for each bride, from classic gowns to sophisticated gowns. I hope you will enjoy at the pictures below as much as I did. Stay up for more next time!