Fashion Hacks:The Worst Clothing Problems And Their Easy Solutions

Do you sometimes have problems that really get on your nerves? Stuck zipper, or button gaps in shirts can be the ones that cause a headache. A fashion hack here and there will do the trick! Check out these clever fashion hacks and solve just anything in a moment!

Button gaps

If some shirts cause you problems, then you should not worry. Use some double sided tape to eliminate this problem. Just stick a piece to where the gap appears. Remember to remove it before proceeding to the washing machine.

Wrinkled clothes

If ironing is not your favorite activity, then you should try the DIY de-wrinkle spray. It is a life saver, trust me! To make it, you will need: 1 tablespoon conditioner, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 2 cups water. Mix these together and pour into a spray bottle. Lay down and smooth your clothes and spray the wrinkled areas. Let it  dry for a little bit and you are ready to use them.

Tight shoes

If you have tight shoes that you find useless, then I have the best solution. Put them on, wearing thick socks. Heat them with a blow dryer , so the leather will loosen. And there you have it- comfortable shoes in just a minute!

Stuck zipper

A caught zipper can be easily set free. Just use a crayon. Spread it on the both sides and that will do the trick. Remember to always use a matching crayon to the color of the zipper.

Restringing hoodie

If you have a problem with the string, then a safety pin will easily solve it. Attach it to the end and guide the pin through. It will come out of the other side easily.

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Quick ironing

If you are in a hurry, and have some bad wrinkles on your clothes, then don’t panic. Solve this quickly with a hair iron. It will do the same as a clothing iron would do.

These ones are so helpful! And the best thing is that you already have what you need! Hope that you like them!