Smart Clothes Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Your Garments In The Last Minute

Things sometimes can get a little tricky. If foundation on your shirt and scratched shoes would give you headaches, then read on. There are some pretty simple, quick and cheap solution for all the problems. Check out the smartest clothes cleaning hacks!

Sheeding jumper

If your favorite wool jumper is sheeding, then you should not worry. The best, and most simple solution is to put it in the freezer before each wear.

Loose button

Loose buttons can be a real problem, especially when you are in a hurry. If you think that your button won’t stand it, then secure it with a drop of nail polish.

Stuck zipper

You want to wear your favorite jacket, but unfortunately the zipper is stuck. Quickly, grab a Q tip. Dip it in Vaseline. Spread it on the stuck zipper. And there you have it.

Oily stains

If you think that the end comes when you spill something oily on your blouse, then don’t panic. Baby powder is your life-saver. All you need to do is put a generous amount on the stain. Leave it so the powder can absorb the oil.

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Sweat stains

Create a paste using lemon juice and baking soda. Spread it on the stains, and leave it for about an hour. Then wash it.

Clothes odor

If your clothes have a strange odor, then spray them with vodka. it will work for sure.

Foundation stains

We all hate that moment when you dress your shirt and you get foundation on it. Wipe some shaving cream on it before you put it for wash.

Lipstick stains

Lipstick stain

Red lipstick on a shirt is a big problem. To solve it quickly, spray it with some hairspray and throw it in the washer.

Loose sunglasses

To quick fix the loose sunglasses without looking for a screwdriver,  take some clear nail polish. Just a little will be enough.

Suede shoes

Having some stubborn dirt that won’t get off? Scrape it off with a nail file. it will be as good as new.


If you favorite lacquered shoes have a scratch, then something really simple will solve it. Dab a little Vaseline on it.

Shiny shoes

Another for the lacquered ones. If you want to get them shiny, then spray them with a little of window cleaner. It will make them super shiny and squeaky clean.