Fendi Rethinks Comfort Clothes in its Fall/Winter 2021-22 Men Collection

We won’t say it’s a surprise. After all, with all the time spent indoors in 2020, it was natural to focus on the clothes we have been needing the most and try to take them to another level. That is what Silvia Fendi, Creative Director of Fendi, decided to do for this new collection, as it places a special emphasis on sweaters. But it also took a shot at outside clothes, by rethinking mens fur coats. Here are the global lines of Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2021-22 Men Collection.

Clothes that bring Security and Comfort at Home

To make us understand the importance of feeling good inside our home, in winter, Silvia Fendi decided to unzip and unbutton the garments presented at the fashion show. She made them luxurious but cozy at the same time, creating an interesting mix. Making the puffer jackets central to the whole show, she modified them into diagonal quilting to bring it new life. In fact, everything seemed to be inflated, from robe coats to padded pants and shorts.

Fendi Rethinks Comfort Clothes in its Fall/Winter 2021 22 Men Collection

Revisiting Mens Fur Coat

Silvia Fendi either had time on her hands or was looking for a real challenge, when she decided to revisit mens fur coat. This winter classic is the ultimate touch of luxury for winter collections. And although the brand stuck with staid cuts and colours, it did incorporate a unique white piping slashed through a fleecy black bomber. On it, you could not miss the very large pockets on a smooth cream Sherpa. Fendi completed it, with the plush satchels embossed with the FF monogram. A very interesting way to renew traditional mens fur coat.

Sweaters, Sweaters and… More Sweaters

Sweaters are a piece of clothing that everybody loves, during the cold season. It is the ultimate comfort garment. Fendi has decided to revisit it, by giving it a variety of unusual forms. That includes a pair of rib-knit and full-knit dungarees, in ivory and black variations.

The sweaters came with many different accessories, such as a layered turtleneck with cuffs that can also be used as mittens. This double-usage of elements showed through many different items as well. For example, some scarves were directly included into the cardigans, as collars or as detachable pockets. The idea even went so far as to use double printed material, so that the item can be reversible.

Those who witnessed the show may remember it best, by the colour punches that came at intervals. But there is a good chance that diversity of use was the message Fendi wanted to send to its customers.