Find Great Selections on a Gorgeous New Sofa

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home, if not the most important. It is the social center of the home. The place where you and your family gather for conversation, movie watching, board games, and snacks. One of the places where you’ll likely spend the most time when you’re at home is camped out on your living room sofa. So why are you settling for one that doesn’t meet your needs when you can have something that does? We know exactly where you can find some amazing selections on sofas. Source: shows premium sofas in one place.

Find Great Selections on a Gorgeous New Sofa

Aren’t they gorgeous? And so many options to choose from! It can be almost overwhelming. Particularly if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, it’s super common! With so much history behind all of the lingo in the interior design world, it can be hard to know where to get started, and studying certain themes and styles can make you feel like you’re back in high school all over again cramming for a test. Many stores prefer it this way—the more confused you are, the easier it is to sell you something that you don’t necessarily want.

Not 1Sb. At 1Sb, a team of helpful designers is waiting to consult with you to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They won’t clog your head with terms like “Scandinavian chaise lounge” that’ll leave your head spinning enough for them to make a sale. Unlike traditional interior designers and salesmen at big-box retail chains, the designers at 1SB don’t earn a commission based on which products you purchase. Their job is simply to make sure you’re as satisfied with your purchase as possible and to uphold 1SB’s high standard of customer service in the industry.

Once you’ve spoken with the designers, it’s time to do a search on 1SB’s website. You can conduct your search by keyword, style, color, size, shape, and more! Whatever you decide on, finding it is simple when you use this useful tool, and with so many selections to choose from, finding what you’re looking for is pretty much guaranteed when you shop 1Stop.

So, you’ve done a little bit of browsing and you’ve settled on the perfect sofa to meet your family’s needs. Great! You may be a little pleasantly surprised at the price and wondering what the catch is. Because you’re shopping directly from the manufacturer, 1SB lets you cut out all the middlemen that come with larger chain stores. This means you aren’t paying a premium for overhead costs—you’re strictly paying for the quality of the piece itself.

And when it comes to quality, 1SB truly can’t be beaten. With great products from the same great brands you see in stores—but at a fraction of the cost—you’re sure to find a piece you love at a price you can afford. And with free delivery and financing available, there’s no need to wait.