Fire Resistant Clothes: Fashionable FR Shirts

Wearing fire resistant clothes is very important, especially for men and women who work in a field or in an industry that expose them in places that are high in heat.

Before, fire-resistant clothes, specifically the shirts only have one or two different styles. But in the last five years or so, there have been huge domestic oil and gas productions in different places. Meaning a lot of oil workers will need more restaurants, gas stations, welders, and more clothes.

Fire resistant outlets have also been growing. Now they have more than one style of fire-resistant clothes, they even have FR cowboy boots!

What’s the Big Deal about FR Clothing?

It’s totally a big deal because not only can it save lives, it can also protect you from having severe burn injuries and help you save money from making necessary medical costs.

And unlike normal clothes, the fire resistant ones can self-extinguish the fire, preventing it from getting worse and helps you avoid getting burnt or even fatalism.

The Benefits of Wearing Flame Resistant Shirts

Like mentioned earlier, FR outlets have also been growing because more and more companies needed the protection of their products, hence the growth of different styles to follow today’s fashion sense.

But how are FR shirts beneficial to people? Here are some of its benefits:

  • It increases the chance of survival of the wearer in case of a big fire emergency and can help prevent or reduce burn injuries during the escape.
  • It is durable. The clothes can resist from being ripped open and exposing your skin.
  • It won’t melt on your skin. Shirts that are specifically made to resist fire are created with high-quality materials. Not only will it not melt, it could also keep the fire from growing onto your clothes.
  • It has the ability to provide thermal insulation from heat, meaning even if you get close to high heat or flame, you won’t feel the uncomfortable feeling of extreme heat.
  • And lastly, it can save you money. Yes, it can be expensive at first, but it could you help keep you from frequently buying shirts as a replacement for the burnt ones. Plus, it could also last for a lifetime depending on your level of caring things.

Different Styles of Fire Resistant Shirts

You may think that fire-resistant made clothes are big, unfashionable, heavy, and dull, but in actuality, they are not. It does in the past, but not in today’s era. In fact, they actually look like normal clothes.

FR outlets sell:

  • Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • Henley Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • Henley Cotton Shirt
  • Round-Necked Cotton Shirt
  • Polo Shirts
  • Button Up Work Shirts

And many more that are really fashionable. You won’t even feel that you are wearing working clothes.


Keeping yourself safe from harm is important, especially when it comes to fire. But getting into fashion is also important, especially for people who are into fashion. With these kinds of clothes, you can achieve both. You can be safe from getting burned form fire and at the same time, you get to wear your fashionable shirts.