Five Baby Stuff You Should Always Buy New

Having a baby can be expensive. For such small people, they need a lot of stuff! If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to get some items, such as newborn baby clothes (clean, of course) second-hand. However, there are some things you should always buy new.

Crib and mattress

While a good-quality crib is expensive, it’s absolutely worth spending the extra money to buy new. Older crib styles don’t always measure up to today’s safety guidelines (drop-side cribs, for example, have been banned recently) and could be dangerous. You also don’t know what level of care the crib received while it was in its previous home, how it was stored, if anything was stored in it, and so on. All of these things can compromise the integrity of a crib’s structure and make it not safe for your baby to sleep in. It could even have missing pieces! 

As well as a new crib, you should also buy a new mattress. While mattresses are readily available online, or passed down through families as children age out of them, mattresses that have been slept on by another baby, or stored in a basement, could be infested with bacteria or even mold. Don’t risk your baby’s health. Buy the mattress new.

Breast pump

Not all mothers want to use a breast pump, but if you do, buy it new. Breast pumps that have been used can be breeding grounds for bacteria, as moisture and old milk can get into the motor, and then into your milk. Pumps can be expensive, so ask your health insurance company as some cover breastfeeding equipment.

If you want to use a breast pump but don’t want to buy one, try renting one. Lots of hospitals offer this service and specifically provide pumps designed for multiple users.


If you’re not planning to breastfeed, organic formula can be one of the most expensive things you buy for your baby, simply because you’ll need so much of it.There are plenty of websites out there that sell second-hand formula for a discount price, but unfortunately, there’s simply no way of knowing if the second-hand formula is unadulterated and won’t make your baby sick. You also don’t know if the formula has been stored improperly, which may make it unusable.

Baby toys

Toys might not be the first thing on your mind when you have a new baby, but it’s essential to understand why they’re something you should never buy used. This is especially true if the toy isn’t only used, but is also really old. Older toys often don’t meet today’s safety standards and can be dangerous. They can have sharp edges or toxic materials. Even newer used toys can be a health hazard. Bath toys, in particular, can house mold and bacteria you can’t even see. If you have any doubt, buy new.

Car seat

Car seats are really, really important as they protect your baby in the case of a car accident and can literally save their life. That’s why every state in the US requires babies and children to ride in one. Unfortunately, they’re also costly, so it’s tempting to buy a used one to save money. If you know it’s never been in a crash, then a used one may be an option. But then, car seats do have a limited lifespan (six to nine years), so bear this in mind. If you don’t know how old it is, don’t buy it.