Function of Beauty Lets You Make Your Own Hair Care

Function of Beauty Lets You Make Your Own Hair Care

There’s a reason people are called individuals. While there’s plenty that we share in common, in important ways, we’re all unique from one another. This has always been important to recognize in the beauty product market. Unfortunately, when the focus is on justifying a product’s existence in limited shelf space, the only beauty products that are given a chance are those that are relevant to as many people as possible.

That means traditional hair care shopping will never account for your personalized needs. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find brick-and-mortar hair care products that are more personalized than just “for oily hair” or “for curly hair.”

Function of Beauty is changing that. Founded in 2015 as an online hair care shop, the business’s products can now be found in Target stores nationwide. At the heart of these products is the belief that hair care needs to be as unique as you are. In a world of two-in-one shampoo and conditioner duos, this is a big change. But does it work?

Hands-On with Function of Beauty

There has been a lot of buzz about Function of Beauty, but we wanted to get our hands on it to see for ourselves how it worked. The customization process was simple and fun. You can complete a quiz online that pairs you with a hair care solution, or you can visit your local Target and browse all of the products in the hair care aisle yourself.

There are four bases that you can buy. These shampoos and conditioners focus on different hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair. Once you found the right base, you can begin choosing your #HairGoals Booster Shots. This is where you really get to customize the product to your exact needs.

You can choose three of the ten boosters that are available. Options include strengthening, lengthening, volumizing, curl definition, thermal protection, scalp soothing, and more. Once you have the right match for you, just mix the boosters into your shampoo and conditioner, and shake the bottles. After just a few seconds, you’ll have a completely custom hair solution—and it didn’t cost a fraction of other specialty hair care.

From there, it’s easy to play around with different booster shots and base combinations to find the perfect fit. You can even change the scent and color of the shampoo. For the colors, you don’t need to worry about dangerous additives, dyes, or animal products. All colors are 100% vegan and safe, and they’re sulfate and paraben-free. That way, you can rest assured that you’re keeping all of those unwanted chemicals out of your bathroom.

My Experience with Function of Beauty

Hair type: Straight, coarse, and wavy. Prone to dryness and frizziness. Damaged from regular iron use.

Product: I used the (you)calyptus scented shampoo and conditioner. Because my hair tends to get dry, I used the booster shots for hydration, thermal protection, and curl definition. I used a light fragrance and customized the colors to be purple and blue.

My Experience: I was surprised by how accurate my hair quiz was. For my needs, the suggested hair care duo was exactly what I needed. The shampoo and conditioner were easy to mix, and I loved how much space I could save in the shower by getting rid of some of my other “specialized” products.

On my first day using Function of Beauty, I immediately noticed results. Normally, when I use hydrating shampoo and conditioner, I still feel frizziness and dryness when I get out of the shower. That’s why I always buy hair masks. With Function of Beauty, my hair felt hydrated and smooth right away. I didn’t need to do my time-consuming hair mask routine, and I felt great.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up and saw that my hair looked healthier and shinier. This continued as I used it over the next few days. Even as I used heated beauty tools, like my curling iron, I found that my hair stayed healthy thanks to the thermal protection booster shot. I also think the curl definition shot helped my already sort of wavy hair look even wavier!

I found the subtle fragrance in the products to be very relaxing. Normally, I’m very sensitive to heavy fragrances, so this was perfectly balanced for my sensitive nose. The eucalyptus also felt amazing on my skin. Nothing here feels artificial or processed. You can really tell that they used essential oils rather than artificial alternatives.

The Verdict

I’m sold. Function of Beauty hit it out of the park on my first purchase, and I can’t wait to keep experimenting with their other options. From shopping to packaging and hands-on use, I found everything to be understandable, effective, and most of all, affordable. As a frequent user of specialty products, I’m surprised that there’s a hair care solution this effective for such a low price. If you’re someone with complicated hair needs, like me, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty puts you in charge of your own hair care routine. Most shampoos and conditioners on the market have to cater to a broad range of hair types and goals to justify their space in beauty aisles. Function of Beauty changes everything, giving you the chance to build your own custom hair solution in just three steps: pick a base, pick your boosters, and mix. Traditional hair care just can’t accommodate the unique needs of individuals. Function of Beauty knows you’re complicated, and with thousands of possible formulations, you can find the perfect fit.