Hairstyle Mistakes That Will Make You Seem Older

A carefully chosen hairstyle can easily make you look younger and more beautiful but if you make the hairstyle mistakes below, you always end up looking older. Nobody really wants to look older so it is a really good idea to avoid everything that is presented below.

Lack Of A Style Update

Most people end up “trapped” into specific hairstyling habits. However, if you just stick to the exact same style for a number of years, it is a certainty you end up looking older. What is recommended is to switch your hairstyle at least one time per decade. There is no rule that states you need to have a specific hairstyle because of age. However, if you wear the same style for a long time, you need to mix it up.

Cuts That Are Too Severe

When you want to look fresh and young, you want to avoid blunt, fresh cuts. They are dated and will fall flat on anyone’s face. What you should consider is a haircut that has layers. These can open up the face and will make you appear younger.

Having Hair That Is Flat And Dry

As a person gets older, hair naturally grows flatter, duller and drier. You need to be careful and take care of your hair. This does include using the appropriate products for styling so that hair looks soft and bouncy. You should also scope out mousses and creams, those that add condition and body. Just check labels for words like “full” or “fluffing”.

Using Really Dark Hair Dye

You can so easily hide aging signs with hair dye as you can cover those pesky grey hairs, but if the color chose is too dark, you will look older. What you should consider is creating a tonal variation, like adding highlights. You do not want to have hair that looks dull and flat, which is what happens with really dark hair dye.

Using Too Much Heat

As you often use a curling iron or a blow dryer on the hair, heat damage appears. This creates locks that are dry. The immediate result is looking older. The good news is there are different products that offer strong heat protection. You can also use conditioners that maintain a good level of moisture in your hair, even when faced with really high temperatures. Deep conditioning masks should be used once per week and the protectant serum is your best friend whenever using heat tools like the flat iron.

Keeping Hair Stiff

So many women love hairspray. It is easy to understand why since it can easily keep hair exactly where you want it to stay but if you use too much, style ends up looking stiff. You should always opt to have a natural hair flow so use those sprays that offer higher flexibility. Locks have to look shiny, not crunchy.

Wrong Hair Placement

So many women make the mistake of placing a part in an inappropriate spot. This can easily make you look older by years. An off-center, slight part is much better than going too much to the side or even up the middle. The middle parts need to always be avoided as they create the illusion that you try way too hard.