Hat and Headwear Trends for Fall 2021

Hat and Headwear Trends for Fall 2021

Hats are so popular in 2021 that you have been missing out if you are not wearing one on a regular basis. For people who love hats, this has been a dream year for style choices as almost everything can be paired with a hat. If you have always wanted to add some hats to your collection of favorite clothing items there is no time like the present!

You might be wondering what kinds of hats you should be purchasing to add to your collection of clothes that you wear regularly. Some of the answers to this depend on your personal style, but overall, any kind of hat goes right now and you can pick up your favorite kind of hat and or headwear it out on the town, to the grocery store, or just around your home.

If you are ready to learn more about the hat and headwear trends for the Fall of 2021, you need to read on!

Hat and Headwear Trends for Fall 2021

1.       Oversized Hats

If you have a big head, you know how hard it can be to find the right hats for your needs. The average hat size is well below the oversize hat market, and you might have gotten very frustrated when you have been shopping for fun styles that are the right designs for the fall of 2021. 

Thankfully, you can get any kind of hat design or style in oversize models when you shop at the right place. Being able to get access to all of the current fashionable hats for big heads can be a huge relief! No more tight hats that hurt your head or frustrating days of shopping without any luck!

2.       Sparkly Headbands

Headbands are always a lot of fun and they can be made in all kinds of designs and patterns. If you love to pull your hair back without having to use a ponytail holder, then a sparkly and dazzling headband is the right choice for your needs! Buy the kind that ties on if you want to use the headband in various kinds of hairstyling or get the kind that slips on that you can fluff your hair under.

Sparkly headbands are like the upgraded version of last year’s boho-chic lace headbands and they are very much in style this fall.

Hat and Headwear Trends for Fall 2021

3.       Ball Caps

Classic ball caps are back in style and there has never been a better time to break out your old sports-themed hats. You can wear these with your ponytail sticking out the back or if you are a guy, wearing them backward is totally allowed as well. Classic sports caps are the preferred option, but all ball caps are big this year. If you still have your Jersey Shore-themed sparkly cap with a flat bill, this is well within the style trends that are going on for Fall of 2021 as well.

4.       Cowboy Hats

This is a classic choice and both men and women can wear these classy hats with anything they want. You can pair a great cowboy hat with some jeans and boots or your favorite dress with ease. Get a classic felt hat or pick up a colorful straw hat to match your favorite brightly-colored clothing. There is no shortage of ways to improve an outfit with a cowboy hat and these hats come in a kaleidoscope of colors for your fashion needs.

Hat and Headwear Trends for Fall 2021

5.       Scrunchies

While not technically a hat, these colorful and fun accessories are the perfect headwear for 2021. These little cloth hair bands have been paired with both men’s and women’s clothing styles at fashion shows of late and you can mix and match your scrunchies to create the perfect pop of color for your fashion requirements. These little cloth hair accessories make a big statement for their size and they are sold in all kinds of colors, fabrics, and designs.

6.       Classic Styles

The fedora, the cloche, and other classic hats are very popular this year. You can get all kinds of fun old-fashioned hat styles in unique colors and designs for your outfit coordination needs. If you love a good newsies-style golf hat, or you want to rock that classic cloche with some finger waves in your hair, now is the time for your hat choice to shine! Classic hairstyles and slacks and other formal wear are making a comeback this fall, and these really stylish hats are popular alongside these other trends.

Don’t be afraid to wear these classic styles with jeans and boots or even a casual look. You can mix and match this year to your heart’s content without fear of judgment!

7.       Flowers and Ribbons

The newest and most fun trend for this fall, are flowers and ribbons that you can wear as headbands or braided into your hair. Being able to add a note of unicorn-style color or fun and flirty 70s charm to an outfit is easy with these accessories on your side. If you love to wear your hair in braids, you can add these charming little style notes right to your hairstyle to tie your outfit together. There is no shortage of fun ways to add ribbons, colorful beads, and more to your hair this fall.

Hats and Headwear are Fun and Stylish in Fall of 2021

Hat and Headwear Trends for Fall 2021

If you have ever wanted a reason to try any of these styles out for yourself, now is the perfect season to do so. Hats and headbands, ribbons, and more are in style this year, and you can have lots of fun accessorizing your favorite clothes with these fun items. If you love a classic hairstyle or you have always wanted to rock those sparkly braids that your yoga instructor wears, now is the time!

Break out the hats that you have saved from prior style seasons and breathe new life into your current closet of clothing choices. You can’t go wrong this year with fun headwear and hats!