Helpful Shoe Hacks That You Shouldn’t Miss

Looking for some smart shoe hacks to solve your problems? I have the best ones to share with you, my ladies. I wish I knew these sooner. My life would be a lot easier. Recently, my favorite pair of suede boots got a stubborn spot that I couldn’t clean. I tried cleaning with a special cleaning product, but it didn’t work. And then, I looked for some answers on the internet. No one would ever guess that one of those cheap nail files would be the solution. Luckily, I saved my favorite pair of boots. I also came across other shoe cleaning hacks. I was really surprised by the brilliant tricks and saved them. And now, I want to share them with you. Trust me, they will save you during those really stressful moments.

So, let’s get through these shoe hacks together!

Nail file trick

This is the ultimate lifesaver for all those unlucky shoes. Just file the dirt away and your shoes will look as new again.

You can check some more tips here: 5 Ways to Clean Suede Shoes

Hack for removing salt stains

Do you hate that your favorite pair of boots has salt residues over it? You can use a few things that you already have in your kitchen and bathroom, such as vinegar and hair conditioner. Follow the link below for the complete instructions on how to remove the salt.

Ultimate hack for scuffs

Do you hate those scuff marks? Clean with nail polish remover for good results.

Make your shoes looser

If your shoes are a size smaller, you can always loosen them up. There are a few methods. Place zip lock bags with water inside and place them in the freezer.

New shoes hack

Don’t have enough space in the freezer? There are other tricks that actually work. Get a thick pair of socks on and warm the spots where you feel the shoes tight using a blow dryer.

Loosen up your shoes instantly

If you don’t have enough time, simply apply some rubbing alcohol inside the shoes. Target the areas where you feel the discomfort. For more instructions, check the link below the picture.

Quick fix scratches

Did you just scratch your dressy heels? Apply some vaseline using aa Q-tip.

Micellar water trick

Do you hate when the rubber sole of the sneakers gets dirty? You can clean it with your favorite micellar water.

Slippery shoes hack

Do you hate that pair of slippery shoes and don’t wear them because of that? It is time for a quick hack that will save your shoes. Sand the sole a little bit to reduce the friction.