Helpful Tricks For Dealing With Greasy Hair

Do you find it hard to deal with greasy hair? I have some helpful tricks to share with you. It is all about the right haircare and using the proper products. There are a few mistakes that we all make, which will make your hair even greasier. And no, I don’t talk about those simple tips like don’t touch your hair often. There are other things that you should do. Read on and find out more!

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Use the right shampoo

In most of the cases, shampoos that are specially made for greasy hair are too harsh. Also, you would want to avoid the traditional shampoos that contain sulfites. These will strip the oil away, while the oil glands will try to compensate for the dryness. Look for gentle shampoo formulas that don’t leave your hair dry.

When picking the right shampoo, avoid ones that claim that they give shine or moisture. Usually, this kind of shampoos have a creamy formula and are made for dry hair. They contain oils, so it is better to avoid them.

Use a clarifying shampoo

There are special shampoos that are meant to remove the buildup on your scalp. Oil and styling products can build up, causing acne and excessively greasy hair. You need to use this kind of shampoo at least once a month.

Dry shampoo

Feel free to use dry shampoo to postpone in between washes. It will control the oils and make your hair look fresh. You can also try with baby powder.

If you want to avoid the powdery look from the dry shampoo, apply it the night before. During the night, it will absorb the oils and won’t look powdery at all.

Avoid hair conditioners

Hair conditioners will make your hair heavy and greasy. Avoid using them if you can. However, if you still need hydration, make sure that you apply it only on the hair ends. Never apply the conditioner straight to the scalp. To make sure that it won’t weigh down your hair, pick a product that doesn’t contain any silicones. Look for products that clearly state silicone-free.


Lemons are beneficial for greasy hair. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in a cup of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray your hair when you feel like it is dirty, and let it dry.

With these simple tricks, you can deal with greasy hair. I know that it is a big problem for you. But, keep in mind that the right hair routine will do wonders.