How To Be More Photogenic And Look Great In Photos

Do you think that you are not a photogenic person? Wait until you check my tips. You will reveal the secrets on how to be more photogenic. And this will instantly improve your photos. Whether you want to snap the best selfies for Instagram or just look better on your travel photos, I have the solution for you. There are a few things that will make it work. So, read on and find out more!

Left side always works

According to research, it is proven that the left side of the face is more attractive. Try to tilt sloghtly to the right side, so that the lens captures more of the left side of the face. Practice so that you will get the right angle.

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The secret trick that famous people use to be more photogenic

How to be more photogenic like the famous celebrities? Is there a thing that works like magic? The answer is yes, And I’m about to reveal this little secret with you.

Always put your tongue behind the teeth. This simple trick will help you to look relaxed and have a natural face expression. This movement is guaranteed to tighten up the area around the chin. It will result with a natural and charming smile too. And it will certainly get rid of the fake smile that will ruin your perfect photo.

A shot from above

When sitting down, ask your photographer to take a photo from above. This angle will make your face look thin and your jaw defined. Tilt your face up slightly to the camera.

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Don’t stand too close to the camera

Taking photos with your friends? Don’t be too close to the lens. It will make you look disproportional, compared to everyone else. Stand in even line for the best results.

How To Be More Photogenic And Look Great In Photos


A lower angle makes you look taller

One of the biggest mistakes is taking pictures from a higher angle. Your friends that aren’t familiar with photography will make this huge mistake. A high angle will make you look short. Instead, ask them to take photos for a lower angle. This will define your figure, elongate your legs, and make you look picture perfect.

Include fancy accessories

Accessories are always the secret hint that will help you look better in photos. They will add the wow factor and do wonders for you. A stylish pair of glasses will save you in those moments when you didn’t feel like doing your eye makeup. A cool scrunchie or a scarf will bring pop of color as a hair accessory. Statement earrings will frame the face, so you might choose them as your picture-perfect accessory.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you go easy on the accessory game. Only one at a time. You still want to end up with a tasteful look.