How to Choose the Right Length for Your Necklace

Necklaces are by far the most common piece of jewelry in the market today. Most women (and some men today), can be seen walking around with a ton of jewelry on their necks.

However, just because you have a necklace doesn’t mean you look good. To rock in a necklace, you need to ensure that the necklace not only matches your style, but is also the right length.

How to Choose the Right Length for Your Necklace

Regardless of how appealing a necklace is, the wrong length will clash with your style and figure. Therefore, looks aren’t enough. The necklace length has to feel right, and look good on you.

Below, we look into a few factors you should consider to choose the necklace of the right length.

  1. Standard Necklace length 

One of the biggest misconceptions about necklaces is that; one necklace fits all. On the contrary, designers design each necklace to suit people with different heights, necklines and body shape.

Therefore, what looks amazing on your friend may not necessarily look as good on you, and vice versa. You should thus familiarize yourself with the standard necklace length for different pieces.

For instance, you should know how and when to wear short necklaces such as collars, chockers, and princess necklaces. Collar necklaces are 14 inches long and tightly worn around the neck. 

Chockers are 16 inches and are worn on the base of the throat. Longer necklaces such as the Matinee, opera and rope are worn below the collarbone. 

Understanding these lengths helps you choose the right necklace to wear on different occasions.

  1. Try adjustable length necklaces

Despite necklaces having a standard length, you can still get that necklace you desire thanks to the adjustable length necklaces.

Remember the point of the necklace is to make you feel more confident and stylish. And so, if wearing a longer or shorter necklace achieves this, then you should do it.

You don’t have to settle for a necklace you don’t want.

Adjustable necklaces allow you to get that comfortable length you want for your necklace. The silver heart necklace is an example of a necklace that allows you to do this using the loops. 

  1. Your body type

Believe it or not, your body type actually determines what length of a necklace you should wear. This is because, a necklace draws attention to your body.

Therefore, if the necklace lies on your collarbone or chest, then all the attention will be drawn there. If you wear a long necklace, then it’ll accentuate your waistline, hence, eyes will be drawn there.

Medium and long necklaces are thus perfect for slim and tall women.

Nonetheless, if you don’t need eyes gazing at your body, then a short collar or choker necklace will do the trick.

  1. The shape of your face

Your face shape is also a factor you have to consider when choosing the necklace length to wear. Whether your shape is oval, round, square, or heart shaped will determine the length that flatters you most.

For instance, people with square/ heart shaped faces look better with shorter necklaces, such as chockers. Round faces look great with longer necklaces as they have a slimming effect.

Oval faces are lucky as they can rock in most necklace lengths.

  1. Your Wardrobe

Your dressing style is also crucial when determining the length of your necklace. If you are fond of turtleneck sweaters, then your ideal necklace is the longer ones. This can be Opera, long chains or rope.

If you prefer V-necks, then you can opt for the shorter necklaces such as the princess. The silver heart necklace is a perfect match for this style.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to strictly follow these rules when dressing. You can still customize your own style and wear what you feel makes you stand out. 

Your style can still work out too!


Wearing necklaces isn’t about putting on anything that can hang on your neck. You need to ensure that the necklace is of the right length.

You can do this by looking into the standard necklace length, wearing adjustable length necklaces, looking at your body type and face shape. Your wardrobe style can also help.

Bottomline, when you want to look good in a necklace, be ready to find the right length.